Monday, October 12, 2009

{In the Kitchen -- Barefoot but Not Pregnant}

Made a goal to try to cook more at home this month -- in the name of homeyness,
healthiness & fun. We were out of town the 2nd to the 4th, but I was able to get
down to it when we got back. David was in town this whole week, too. So, I had
someone to cook for. :)

Week 1: Operation Cook More

Monday -- David made pasta before I got home. I made a quickie sauce for it
once there. So, I didn't plan a meal or cook, but we ate together at home.

Tuesday -- Was excited about this meal but it was a BUST. *Salmon baked with a
cilantro, ginger, garlic, lemon marinade. *Sauteed spinach and grape tomatoes.
*Whole wheat cous cous. Sounds good, right? The veg and cous cous was fine, but
the fish didn't fly. David made a sandwich for his dinner before it even finished
cooking. (That wasn't a happy highlight from my day.) I ate it, but I wasn't
impressed. Not a good start to my attempt to cook more this month!

Wednesday -- Vegetable soup. Delish and healthy. This was a total success! Organic
vegetable broth, fresh vegetables, and a little salt and pepper. Simple and perfect. I
froze some so we can have it for dinner on another night, as well. Love that.

Saturday -- Bought too many veggies for the soup. So, I used what I had left to make
vegetable stir fry with Basmati rice. Turned out okay. Veggies and rice were great.
The seasoning packet I used was a bit of a miss. (It was the grocery store brand of
Szechuan seasoning, and it was spicy but salty and had a strange after taste to it.)
How do you season your stirfry?


Lis said...

I buy frozen stifry, cuz im awesome like that.

Okay and can I just tell you I spent the last 5 minutes licking my computer screen? I am a SUCKER for a good vegi soup..... like you have NO idea and its lunch time here and COLD and THAT wants me to make it......... recipe? PLEASE?

Sue Thomas said...

Your soup is making me very, very hungry, Sam!!! Greg and I have committed to more meals together as well and our week sounds like it went a bit like yours - lol!!!

TruJen Phtography said...

Looks great Sam!
Cooking can be fun. Especially when trying new things. But your soup looks really yummy. As for stir fry, I don't dislike it, I'm just not a fan. However, my mom loves stir fry. I think she makes it with a certain marinate. You could email her if you want to try her way for something different.
Can't wait to see what else you'll be making, Susie!!!

SplendidlyImperfect said...

Sara's messed up stir fry recipe - I'm going to post it on my blog rather than screw up your comments. I've made it twice in the past week and a half and I think I may have it down!

House of Foodies said...

Soup looks delicious! Waiting for weather to cool off before we make soups, but I love this time of year for cooking! It's nice to turn the oven on without guilt. As for your stir fry we use Soy sauce, brown sugar, cornstarch, fresh ginger, garlic, and some red pepper flakes. Put soy sauce on the table for people who like more of the salty flavor. We're always trying new recipes so if you need some ideas for your cooking mission let me know.

elizabeth said...

both meals look really good! especially now since I'm in a competition at my gym and my meal plans are pretty boring and strict. :) maybe I'll come back after 60 days and look at your food post!

as far as stirfry goes I usually season it minimally with sesame oil and soy sauce and ground ginger. Sometimes I will use a pre-made sauce if it's not filled with crap.

D said...

Hold on a minute, I made the sandwich once I realized the fish was RAW!!!!

Samara Link said...

Ha! There's no way around it, Link. You bailed on a thoughtfully prepared dinner, but I still love you.

p.s. A lot.