Thursday, November 26, 2009

{For This I Am Thankful}

One of the best things about this day is taking time to reflect on what you're thankful for.

The list of things I'm grateful for is long. Today, I'm happy to stop and take note -- feel
gratitude and appreciation -- for some of those things.

So many people on the planet are going without the most basic necessities. Things that, in this country, we take for granted every single day. I'm feeling especially thankful for clean water, being food secure, electricity, indoor plumbing, roads, sanitation, police and fire department protection, knowing there are strong health care options at my disposal should I need them, and feeling safe when I leave my house.

I'm also thankful for the little pleasures that make my life happy ...

* David, my best friend and partner
* Working on making 'us' better and stronger
* My kiddos -- Killian, Norah & Oliver -- who make me smile constantly
* The opportunities for growth and learning through ASU this year
* Being so amazingly close to graduation ... finally!
* All of the support David has given me to make finishing school possible
* Making better connections with the people I've gone through my program with
* David's job and having some sense of security in uncertain economic time
* Health insurance
* Our house
* Supportive, loving friends and family who make my heart full -- new and old
* New perspective thanks to Chelsie and good, honest, life changing therapy
* The feeling of excitement I now wake up with at the start of everyday
* Living in a country where my rights are protected and secure
* A free press
* Creative time
* The weather we're having (and it not being so hot anymore)

Wishes to you and yours for a happy, safe, gratitude-filled Thanksgiving.


Kristi said...

Great list Sam, Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I think that while you are thankful for all those things in your life, you should also think about being thankful for living in a country that gives you the opportunity to be productive or be dependent. As well as the opportunity to be proud or ashamed. It is a country that allows us to be who we want to be, without descrimination. We can be ashamed of our country and still be the First Lady of the White House. We can be proud of our country and work a 60 hour work week for minimum wage. Isn't it amazing what freedom can allow us to be!