Sunday, November 22, 2009


This has been an amazing but very busy semester. I've spent less time with my kiddos
than I prefer. I miss my babies! Sometimes when I leave in the morning, the looks they
give me positively melt my heart. "Again, mommy? You're really leaving again? So soon?"

We've still had a little lovin' time. Every second of it is precious to me. The weekends are
always nice for that reason; we snuggle a lot. :) There aren't many things in the world I
like more than curling up with them. So, it works for me that they like it as much as we do.

When we aren't available, they're content to curl up in the big green chair in the living room.

In fact, Killian usually shuffles the pillows around to suit his needs. He likes his Pottery
Barn -- runs in the family.

But they always prefer the real deal.

I'd say Norah's pretty relaxed on her daddy's lap. (I love this girl so much, I can barely
stand it.)

Killian isn't shy about asking for attention and love when he wants it. He's never been big
on personal space or boundries. Fortunately for him, he's so cute ... we usually can't resist.

David hasn't been feeling too hot this week. So, he spent some time on the couch getting
healthy this weekend ... and he hit the snuggle jackpot.

Pretty cute, I say. I love my little family. I really do.

It's time to wrap up the weekend and move this snuggle fest to the bedroom so I can get
some sleep. Busy -- short! -- week ahead. I am certainly feeling thankful for that!


SplendidlyImperfect said...

How sweet! He's covered in dog. :) I love dog snuggles and miss getting to sleep in with Miss Gidget sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Sam, I still can't get over how much Killian and my girl, Cocoa look so much alike! They are the same when it comes to affection. On Sunday afternoons, I like to head off to the bedroom to take a nap around 2:00 in the afternoon. I scoop up Maggie in my arms, Lillie comes following, and before we can even get under the covers, Cocoa, our 100 pound fox-red lab, is snuggled up on the bed. She wants to be one of the "girls", and I don't blame her. She gets some love pats, as do Lillie and Maggie. We all fall asleep to the noise of a movie on the television and get regenerated to continue our day. It's amazing how this big girl tries to fit in with the toy poodles! It's also amazing to me how she tries to outdo her big brother, Hunter, our English Pointer! She does so, only because she weighs more. But he has her outdone psychologically!


Sue Thomas said...

This looks more like our house than you could ever know, Sam! Brooklyn and Darby love to both climb up with Greg on the couch for snuggle time!!! Love seeing your babies!!!!!!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Ahhhhh, I love your snuggle babies! They are so cute!