Monday, July 13, 2009

{Rockin' it in Seattle}

Last weekend of June.
David and Jason.
Site seeing in Seattle.
And a marathon!!

The Rock and Roll P.F. Chang's Inaugural 2009 Seattle Marathon.
That's 26.2 miles of running!

Time to share some photos of their weekend.

First up -- the marathon pix!!
(Unfortunately, I wasn't there to take any, and the guys
were busy running. So, the only ones we have are the
ones the people from the race posted for sale. Check it!)

And then it's onto Seattle. Jason took all of these. I was
impressed with his photos. Tilting the camera, interesting
angles, good composition!

The only thing -- Jason wasn't in a single shot, and D was
only in one. Silly boys. :)

Here's David at Pike's Place Market.

And here's a look at the city in case you wanna travel
vicariously. Made me wanna visit..

Congratulations to David and Jason on such an awesome
accomplishment! You guys trained with such dedication.
And you did it! No small thing. I'm so proud of you.

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Jill Turner said...

Great pics. I love Seattle and I want to go back soon.