Wednesday, July 22, 2009

{Oh, YES!}

In ten years ... we've taken two vacations with just the two
of us. One was for our honeymoon ('03) and another was a
weekend away in Connemara when we lived in Ireland ('06).

All our other trips have been --
to visit people in the midwest,
with David's company or family,
or to go camping.
All nice getaways -- but it's just not the same as taking a real
vacation together. Not at all.

So, this is long overdue, and it is going to be absolutely

Riviera Maya, Mexico -- here we come!!

That's on the Yucatan Peninsula, 25 km from Playa del
Carmen where we honeymooned. We're going in mid August.

We are so ready for this. I figure now is our chance considering
I'll likely have almost no vacation time my first couple years in
the real world (after graduating in December).

I can't wait!!

We've been talking about doing "something" for awhile now,
but we hadn't settled on anything. I was beginning to wonder
if it was going to happen in August, but David pulled the trigger
and made the reservation without me on Monday. (I can't
even begin to explain how happy that made me.) He figured
we could sort out the details afterwards.

So unlike him!!

I was seriously proud of him for taking the leap, and I just
can't wait to getaway together. Can't wait...


Unknown said...

Oh Samara! I actually have a picture of myself right by those palm trees at Tulum! We honeymooned in Cancun. I'm so happy for you! It was our best vacation ever. :)

e said...

how awesome for you guys!!

We've been on ZERO vacations in 10 years - not even a honeymoon - so I know exactly how you feel. :)

I hope you have the best time.

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Majorly Jealous! Mexico is my place, especially the Yucatan! Have fun girl

TruJen Phtography said...

YEA!!! Go David!!

I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see the amazing pictures you'll take!
You should start looking for day trips just in case you want to do something other than sit and enjoy the beach. NA!!!! Sit and enjoy the beach all day! Those canopy beach chairs are calling out your name. Can you hear them... Samara, I'm soft and comfy.
Hm, crazy!

Lis said...

LUUUUUUUUCKY!!!! Pack me in a BAG! I need something like that!!! Oh man...

Steph said...

Have fun!!! We went to the Riviera Maya in March and had a blast!!! We had lots of fun! Make sure you hit Playa Del Carmen :)
Unfortunately, we were there right when the Swine Flu started and most of the historic sites and waterpark closed down before we could make it anywhere. I guess we'll just have to make another trip down there sooner than later!