Thursday, July 23, 2009

{Documenting Summer School}

Been enjoying being back at the Tempe (main) campus
of ASU this summer. (I love the journalism building in
Phoenix -- it's amazing, really. But there is something
about being in Tempe that makes me feel like I'm part
of the university.) Either way, it's nice to be back to
school after a six week summer break.

My class is in one of my favorite buildings -- Coor Hall.
Ground floor computer lab,
fully equipped rooms,
an underground lower level that's pretty cool
even when it's 110 degrees out,
and nice bathrooms.

We had a gorgeous, drizzly, gray morning on Tuesday.
Quite a treat for us Phoenicians. So, I took my camera
to document. I think I just needed to take a few -- it's
been a very quiet camera month. I even busted out
the automatic timer to be in one.

I'm taking two classes -- each of which are five weeks long.
French (three of four) and a poli sci. That makes for busy
times as there is a lot of work packed into a short time. So,
July has absolutely flown by.

I feel like I haven't done anything else, but it's been okay
since it feels good to be knocking two classes out in such a
short time.

I hope you're happy about what you're doing wherever you
are. :)


carlene federer said...

cool building for sure! congrats on ur vaca, it looks fab...soooo gorgeous!
fun and informative s-n-b today, huh? LOLOLOL!

Trujen said...

I think you could sell your pics to ASU for their promotional mags! Fun buildings!

Cute skirt too! Remind me to ask you a question about that picture!

Lis said...

You crack me up... First I read through this post and I got excited about you going back to school and your AMAZING pictures that you ALWAYS TAKE! ( love the EXPLORE on that building!) and then I scrolled down and I have NO idea how you can be excited about SCHOOL when you have an amazing TRIP coming! Shoot! Thats ALLLLL i would be able to think about. Good thing youre more grounded than me! Id just sit through class dreaming about VACATION! =) hehe.