Thursday, April 09, 2009

{Paper Arts}

Two more pages done for the book!

In this first one, I used some photos from the grass patch of
Killian, Norah and David. Including Killian's 2006-2008
county tags was a fun add...

This second one, I've been wanting to do for well over a year. I
finally found a photo that would work and the time to put it all
together. It's a page listing some of the political issues I've come
to feel pretty passionately about. If you care to read the details,
click the first photo to enlarge. Making this was a lot of fun for
me. It's one of my more introspective, personalised pages.

And with that, I'm off. Hope you all enjoy your long weekend.
Happy Easter, happy spring.


angel grandma said...

Really nice pages, love them. Do you put your pages in albums/books?

Anonymous said...

They look great, I love the natural colors

Lis said...

Another great project and that pic of you I think 4 from the bottom is AWESOME!

TruJen Phtography said...

I fucking love "I Believe"!!!!
I love you!!!!

jennputney said...


carlene federer said...

great pages, I love how you used the dogs tags, great way to save them for posterity!

Sue Thomas said...

Love these pages, Sam! How cool to use the dog tags the way you did! I have a "few" that I could put to good use that way too! Love the introspective journaling!!!!