Saturday, April 04, 2009

{Photo Challenge, Trial Run}

One of my April resolutions -- spend quality time with my camera.

To be sure I follow through -- I'm doing a photo scavenger hunt.
(Kristi is hosting it -- learn more here.)

I'd love for you to do it with us! Anyone with an interest in
trying something new or with the will to challenge themselves
to do more with their camera can play along. (Do it! It'll be fun!)


I'm going to shoot all new photos of items on the list. Of course!

But I thought it would be cool to do a scavenger photo hunt with
what I've already taken. It got me excited about the items on
the list and gave me a chance to revisit some of the places my
camera and I have gone. I only dug back as far as 2006 when
I started my blog.

1. Cool or interesting architecture -- Dublin, Ireland

2. A sign of Spring/Autumn -- Sedona, Arizona

3. Something musical -- Tempe, Arizona

4. Something sweet -- Toledo, Ohio

5. Something metallic -- Chandler, Arizona

6. A landscape -- Middle of nowhere in Ireland

7. An interesting doorway -- Lucan, Ireland

8. A reflection -- Tempe, Arizona

9. A cemetery -- Phoenix. Arizona

10. A pair of shoes -- Scottsdale, Arizona

11. A body of water -- Portrush, Ireland
I'm not sure who took this -- David or me.

12. A drink -- Napa Valley, California

13. A mosaic or mural -- Dublin, Ireland

14. Rain -- Sedona, Arizona

15. Classic car (1970 or older) -- Scottsdale, Arizona
(Not sure how classic this car is. I'll make sure the car for
the official scavenger hunt is older.)

16. A work of art -- Waterford, Ireland

17. A church -- Dublin, Ireland

18. A statue -- Tempe, Arizona

19. An interesting sky - Howth, Ireland

20. Something in motion -- Tempe, Arizona

21. Lights at night -- Sedona, Arizona

22. A silhouette -- Portrush, Ireland

23. Something historical (pre-1900) -- Castlerock, Ireland

24. A shot from an unusual perspective -- Chandler, Arizona

25. Flowers -- Phoenix, Arizona

26. Self-Portrait ala webcam -- Chandler, Arizona


Okay -- next time you see this list, it'll be with a whole new
set of photos -- taken in the month ahead. Unless, that is, you
print it up and tackle the list yourself. :)


joehammed said...

your photos are truly amazing, Sam! can't wait to see what else you post....

carlene federer said...

dang girl, you are gooooood! What did you decide about Tuesday? Are we on or do you wanna wait til later?

e said...

Hmmm...I think I can do this!

Love how you did this with both old photos and new photos to come. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Bravo!! Now I am going to have to look through my archives and try this too!

Lis said...

man, Id LOVE to do that but I know id fail. Its been cold and we dont leave the house for days! All of these pictures, seriously, could have come from something PUBLISHED! Someday, when youre famous, i can say I know you! Cuz, DUH! I did MEET YOU, even if it was just a 5 second HI BYE! haha!