Sunday, April 19, 2009

{Big Love}

I love everything about this guy, down to his little, pink nose.
I love the way he sits up like a person on the couch.
I love how he finds snuggle spots regardless of available space.
I love the noise he makes when he settles in to said spots.
I love that he packs 200 pounds of joy into his 96 pound body.
I love how his eyes get big and cross a little when I hand him food.
I love that when I dance in the kitchen, he dances with me.
I love when he kisses my tears away when I cry.
I love that he stands under my foot when I cross my legs.
I love that he's always smiling.
I love that he poses for the camera like a pro.
I love how excited he gets when given an empty two-liter.
I love that he knows what "Where's daddy?" means.
I love when he barks at a moving vacuum hose attachment.
I love that when he walks and he's happy, he trots.
I love his noisy yawn.
I love that he marches when I scratch the top of his hips.
I love that he barks and growls a little when David hugs me.
I love how happy he is to see me when I get home.
I love that he always moves pillows around to prop himself up.
I love the way he sneezes and how he always looks at me after.
I love what a great walking partner he is, right by my side.
I love that he fakes sleep the second his head hits our pillows.
I love how protected I feel standing behind his big gate and bark.
I love how he listens with real intensity when I talk to him.
I love what a good big brother he is to Norah.
I love how good he is in the car.
I love the expressive faces he makes that say more than words.
I love the way he jumps into the pool. Fearless, happy, strong.
I love when he smells the air outside because it reminds me to.
I love when he smells food and sniffs the inside air to check it out.
I love how he follows me from room to room.
I love that he actually gives hugs because they're awesome.
I love that he still acts like a puppy sometimes.
I love that he's been so healthy.
I love his complex, sweet, intelligent, athletic, fabulous nature.
I love him. A lot.


Kristi said...

So sweet! Killian seems like a wonderful dog and companion :)

Lis said...

WOW! thats a LOTTA LOVE! I LOVE Your post!

Olivia said...

Oh! So sweet!