Monday, April 20, 2009

{Paper Therapy}

Scrapbooking makes me feel so good. I've needed some type of
creative outlet the last few days. Lindsay must have had a psychic
moment because she asked me to join her for some scrap time
Saturday night. Things were kind of stuck; there but not flowing.
I only made one page at her house...

Title: Tomorrow it may rain. So, today I will follow the sun.
(Lyric from the Beatles.)
Journaling: This was one of those happy to be alive moments.
Fresh off the campsite after a weekend with good friends and
happy dogs. Packed up and ready to go home, feeling like
life is good.

...but creative time, for me, works like a tuning fork. I free myself
up to make something one day, and that usually reverberates into
the next. That's exactly where this second page came from. Here's
a little look see. It was a pretty powerful one for me, actually.

In just a little bit, I have a date with
* my couch
* remote
* dogs
* and some left over vegetable curry.
I. Can't. Wait.


Miss M! said...

I love that quote!

carlene federer said...

great page, love those tiny letter stickers and that paper is the bomb...did you paint on it?

Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

Glad you came over that night. It was good to scrap with my buddy again!