Saturday, April 18, 2009

{Spring Before Summer}

It got chilly here for a couple days (low 45, high 71). We are
supposed to flirt with 90 today and fly past it Sunday and into
next week. It made me realise summer in Arizona is lurking
near by. I'm trying to get outside and enjoy what's left of spring
before it's too late. Seeing signs of it everywhere, too.

New growth on the blue monster cactus
by our front door.

The beautiful tree in our neighbors yard that we
get to enjoy.

Found these last three while I was in downtown Chandler
playing with my camera.

This year is flying by.

David is golfing this morning. He has an 18 mile run to do
sometime this weekend. Crazy boy. I am on my way to a
big farmers market in Queen Creek where I plan to grab
some fresh produce, support Barb at her booth, and snap
a few photos. Happy weekend, everyone.


Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Beautiful signs of spring! Enjoy the weekend :)

Lis said...

wow! I never would have known arizona had FLOWERS that GREW! THANKS TO YOU, I DO! awesome!!!