Friday, April 17, 2009

{Maybe This'll Help}

I kinda suck at driving.

No secret to anyone who has ever braved being my passenger.
I've been in a lot of little accidents (plus two big ones). I added to
that ridiculous number last week with a tiny fender bender.

The two gentlemen driving these cars were called to the scene.
One of them wrote a report and the other wrote me a ticket. :(
The rate at which I've gotten tickets in the last year -- between
parking, speeding and this -- is really quite astounding.

So, I'm working on slowing down ... living in the moment ... not
rushing ... doing one thing at a time ... focusing ... breathing ...

And to help the cause, I decided to get a bluetooth handsfree
devise. Talking on my cell phone while driving is just an
additional distraction that, for me, makes bad driving worse.
It's been a common denomenator in many of my tickets and
accidents. Since completely eliminating the phone while on
the road doesn't seem like a very viable option...

Of course, it's another thing to charge and remember to bring
with me when I leave the house. So, we'll see how it goes. I'm
gonna give it a whirl though.

I just feel discouraged. I've been making a proactive attempt to
get it together. There's this quote that says, "Life isn't about
finding yourself. It's about creating yourself." I'm trying. I am.
That's what my three monthly resolutions are all about. And the
weekly therapy with Chelsie, the reading, the journaling, and the
statement of intentioned living. But I feel like there is a mountain
of things to do before I get to where I want to be. The minute I
add something to my routine that I want to make a habit, I feel
like I fall short on something else. I really am trying to get it all
together at the same time. Hasn't happened yet, but I'm still
holding on to the hope that I can do it.

That's a lot to ask from handsfree cell phone device. I know. :)


Kristi said...

At least you weren't hurt in the fender bender :)
I need a hands-free devise (just as soon as I get a new phone!!)

jennputney said...

I think u need to give yourself a little bit of a break. I dont think everything can come at is just not how life works. And creation is a process, not just an end result. I will tell u that u have inspired me to be better at life. I have really only taken on one thing so far - trying to find something to be happy about each day (usually Breck if I am having a HARD day).

I am glad u went hands free if it keeps u more safe!!!

Miss M! said...

I totally get what you're saying. I feel like that everyday - like, even if I do accomplish some stuff, it's not enough, because it's not everything that I felt like needed accomplishing. Vacuuming is my big thing. I just don't get to it and feel like a loser, LOL!

My husband told me that I can't worry about everything all at once all the time. That's hard to not do though.