Saturday, March 14, 2009

{Random bits and pieces}

Hello, again.

This past week was spring break with no major plans but to
hang out and relax. I was sick for the first day and a half,
but after that, I found myself putzing around with scrapbooking,
taking walks, reading, a couple movies. That kind of thing. Spent
as little time as possible on my computer and phone. Got together
twice with Lindsay and her girls. It's been a nice, chill week.

I had a few friends over on the 7th for a crafty day. Alejandra
did beading. Kim worked on her Costa Rica album. I scrapped.
Barb (above) made a valence for their new nursery and some
hair bows to sell - (check her stuff out here). We had a really
nice time. (Did I mention Barb and Jason are pregnant?!)

I made two really delicious desserts. Must share.
The almonds. So easy. So good. Recipe found in this post.
And then a Pretzel-Cream-Strawberry Jello Dessert.
That was a total hit. Everyone loved it. It's just perfect
for this time of year. Click here to see pictures of the
process on Jen's blog or here for the recipe itself.

We gave the economy a little juice by buying a shiny, new
refrigerator, too! We got rid of the black one that didn't match
anything, (the rest of our appliances are white) and replaced it
with this. Thanks to a great deal from Home Depot. They told
us if we found it at a lower price, they would match it and give
us an additional 10% off. We went to one place and found it for
$150 cheaper. Home Depot made good on their offer. (I don't
think they enjoyed it very much, but they did it.) So, we saved
well over $300. It was fun!

Two days of spring break left -- today and Sunday. I'm hoping
to get to spend some time with David in the yard, do yoga, get
some much needed SUN, and relax some more...

Bon weekend!


SplendidlyImperfect said...

I have fridge envy.

SplendidlyImperfect said... I tagged you on my blog.

Okay, that's not really why. But I did tag you.

Sue Thomas said...

What a relaxing break and that fridge looks incredible!!!

TruJen Phtography said...

Fun day with the girls!
And I'm with Miss M! Fridge envy!
It's AWESOME!!!! Can you open it and take a picture to post. I want to be even more envious of all the wonderful room you have inside.
YEA!!! So happy for you!
Oh, wait... where are the magnets? Do you need some of mine? No really, tell me if it's true, do you have to have a special kind of magnet for your cool fridge??

Samara Link said...

No magnets! Isn't that crazy?! David's excited because he HATES having shit on the fridge. So, I kept it to a minimum anyway, but I like to have a few things there. I guess magnets and stainless steel don't mesh. It's strange!