Saturday, February 14, 2009

{Happy Saint Valentine's Day}

HELLO, LOVERS! I hope you're all having a fabulously
romantic day today.

My Valentine and I don't typically celebrate this holiday.
He's been pretty sold on the concept that "this is a
commercial holiday" and he's "not going to buy stuff
because society says it's what people should do". I get
the argument, and I never pushed it, but come on...
Be gushy for gushy sake, right?

Well, on this last year of the decade -- 2009 -- we have
decided to participate! Gifts, cards, plans, together time -- the
whole shebang
. We felt like we were in ever serious need of a
romantic day and for a reason to make plans to do something
special together. Just the two of us. All day.

I'm thrilled! I've gotta tell ya, I would celebrate Groundhogs
Day if I could find a reason to. I love holidays, and I love David.
So, any holiday focused on celebrating how much I love David
is a good one, indeed.

We thought about doing a little weekend getaway, but we
didn't want to leave Miss Norah and her stitches overnight.
So, we're going on a road trip for the day. So excited. I love
road trips, and Arizona is absolutely made for them.

Whatever your plans are for today -- even if it's just
to love yourself, I hope you have a wonderful day!


Trujen said...

I'm so happy for you two!
I hope the day is filled with love, kisses, long gazes into each others eyes and other stuff nobody wants to know about! Woo who!
Happy V-Day to you both!
Love, Me

Lis said...

thats So fun!!! We dont usually plan to celebrate but in the end i usually get to order my self something fun!!! cant wait to hear whatcha got!!! Happy Valentines day!!!

Kristi said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy your trip with your honey!

Kim Kwan said...

so glad you had a romantic valentines day!
nobody deserves this more than you!!