Tuesday, February 17, 2009

{Cre8 - Same Idea, New Size}

Finished a new page recently.
Always feels good.
I did my very first 8 1/2 x 11 layout, and
I really liked working with that size.
It was a nice change.
I think I'll probably to do a few more...

I repurpased some items for use on this page.
- black piece at the bottom, clothing tag from Target
- two tan pieces with our initials, from Pier 1 chairs
- ribbon, from a Christmas gift we received last year

Journaling says: The very best part of birthday is that I get to be
the queen of all decisions. On my 31st, David and I were walking
through the mall when we passed one of those photo booths
where you duck in, close the curtain and have your photos taken.
Naturally, I suggested we do it! He would have found a reason not
to on any other day, but since it was my birthday, he had no
choice but to say yes with a smile. The icing on the birthday
cake -- he picked a little heart design for the border. So sweet!
And with that, I had a very happy birthday moment.

Here's a closer look at the page:

Peace be with you. :)


Kristi said...

Very cute page! Reminds me to find a photobooth somewhere, I haven't done those in ages!

Lis said...

SO cute sam! Love the crown too! Youre so creative!!!

Trujen said...

Like the different page size. What inspired you?
You look adorable, as usual! Love the scarf, so stylish you are!
David looks great! His smile at the top is so perfect!
Fun stuff!!!

Miss M! said...

I like the rhinestone stickers you added to the photo strip. Just enough extra without going overboard. Very nice!