Thursday, January 29, 2009

{Their Time}

It might be time especially designed for them, but I enjoy it, too. So, so much.

My new favorite picture of Killian and Norah.

That red ball.

Gorgeous girl. This one runs hard.

A few of my boy. He takes more rests then Norah does...

Their daddy joined us when he pulled through the
neighborhood on his way home from work.

Bon weekend!


Kristi said...

Great photos of the pups! They are both such beautiful dogs :)
Hope you have a nice weekend

Trujen said...

I'm going to comment on almost all the photos.
1st one-They look like they're on a synchronized ball/catch team. Even their ears are aligned!
2-That ball looks very slimy!
3-I want to snuggle with Norah. She's the only big dog I've ever wanted to hold.
4-(More about the comment of resting) Killian's older and therefore more knowledgeable, right???
Pic 6-Does Kills think you're going to steal the ball away? Jack plays that game with me. Puts his toy down and as soon as I go for it, he snatches it right up!

Fun pictures! I love it when you share your babies with us!

Now, I think it's time to show off your new accessory! :o)
Thanks for chatting yesterday! You truly are the bestest friend ever!!!

Olivia said...

They are so cute! I just love dogs! What breed is Killian?

carlene federer said...

Your doggies are so cute! Is that your yard? It looks like a resort!!!
Had so much fun with you yesterday, let's do it again soon!!!

Sue Thomas said...

Love these photos, Sam! Frame that first one and get it up in your house!!!