Monday, February 02, 2009

{Resolution Time: February}

My 2009 resolution is to make three goals for each month.

It's the beginning of February. That means it's time to:
~ review how I did on my three goals for January
~ make three new goals for this month

I'm a day late with this post. Our router passed away. So, I
was subjected to do this without wireless, connected to the
modem like an animal. :)

January Resolution Review:
1) Do not eat any meat of any kind.
This one was so easy. I didn't miss chicken or turkey at all, and I
felt great about not eating it. I had no trouble finding alternative
sources of protein (beans, lentils, cheese, tofu, bars). I did buy two
precooked rotisserie chickens to make a pot pie for the Morenos
and for David. That particular chicken smelled so good and begged
to be tasted, but I quickly and resolutely resisted. Those were the
only two animals that had to die because of me all month long!
What I did miss somewhat was shrimp, seafood and tuna. So, I'm
going to keep the no meat thing going in February. I will allow
myself one seafood meal per week, if desired.

2) Use less paper towel.
Another successful effort! I still used a fair share of it, but I found
myself wasting much less just by being aware of the goal to do so.
Some of the habits I changed:
* Drying hands with a towel instead of paper towels.
* Using half a sheet instead of a full sheet whenever possible.
(i.e., I used to use one PT each day to wipe off the flip lid on the
coffee maker. Now I tear a sheet in half, using part of it on the
coffee maker and the other half later in the day.)
* Using the sponge to wipe up little spills.
* I spray and wipe down all the kitchen counters 1-2 times a
week to freshen them/remove dust. I used a washable rag instead
of paper toweling for this, saving 3-8 PTs from the landfill. I feel
good about this change and know I will have no problem keeping
it up now that these new and easy patterns are firmly in place.

3) Take three 4-mile walks per week.
I did *okay* with this goal -- not great, not good. Kinda bad,
actually. I was glad to at least do something though. I had to
walk 52 miles by months end to meet this goal. I walked 34.82.
Since I didn't meet or exceed my own expectations, walking will
remain in February's goals.

February Resolutions:
1) Walk 10 miles each week.
2) Assess all body and facial product ingredients according to the
suggestions in Gorgeously Green.
3) Simplify, organize, declutter, and paint the garage.

[UPDATE: I've decided to change my third resolution as #3,
cleaning the garage is getting moved to my to do list. For my
new #3 resolution: Write a statement for intentioned living that
I can read to myself everyday, including what I think I need to
focus on right now. Once written, begin reciting twice a day.]

That's it for now. I hope you're all having a good year so far and
finding the time to work on things that are important to you.


Sue Thomas said...

You are totally inspiring me to make some changes, Sam!

carlene federer said...

you just GO girl! you did great on your goals in Jan! and you really can live without paper towels-I haven't had a paper towel or napkin in my house in 6 months!

Kristi said...

I am still impressed with all the walking you did, even if you didn't meet your goal. Good job on the other two!

Trujen said...

I'm with Sue, you're very inspiring!
I'm going to check out that Gorgeously Green. Sounds interesting.

e said...

way to go Sam!

i buy the paper towels that are perforated in the middle of a regular sheet if that makes sense. so when you tear them off it's just a half sheet. i need to cut back on my consumption of these, but i find these little ones help.

Olivia said...

Great job on your goals!

Miss M! said...

I just wanted to let you know that because of you, I made it a goal for us to use less paper towels here too. We used less than two rolls all month! We were, MUCH more than that, let's say.

We also switched to the "select-a-size" kind and that helped too.

cheryl said...

i LOVE the idea of making goals each month! i think i'm going to have to try that. :)

Robyn said...

You have inspired me!!

Love your blog too :-)