Thursday, January 22, 2009

{One Latte, Please}

It feels so good to start and finish a craft project.
Such gratification.

You may have seen the post where I showed my first
attempt at embroidery a little while back. I finished the
second pattern just yesterday -- the one on the other
side of the towel -- and I like it. I noticed my stitching
was more consistent this time around, and the backside
was much cleaner, too. So now, I have my very own hand
stitched towel. :)

Au revoir...

p.s. Happy birthday, Aaron!!


carlene federer said...

It's too too cute Sam, I love it!
Another thing I like about embroidery is how quickly your skills improve!
I wanna re-learn crocheting you crochet?

cheryl said...

i love it!! i can't believe how many projects you do. i'm so jealous of all you get done!

Trisha said...

I want to be that possible? You do such cool stuff!!

Lis said...

SUPER CUTE JOB!!!! I love it!!!

Miss M! said...

Very nice! What kind of towels are you using? I always wonder what the backside of these ends up looking like.

Trujen said...

Well, well. Shall we call you Martha?! Fun stuff Sam! I'm just teasing!
Just laughing right now. Would you have ever thought you'd be doing this stuff thirteen years ago??? HA! Me neither. I'm glad you are though. We've changed for the better!
Love you, Samshine!

Lindsay Teague Moreno said...

sam...that looks awesome. I'm so glad you're into this! You're a natural! You need to come over with Carlene for a stitch and bitch session soon!


Anonymous said...

Nice job, I love it.

Sue Thomas said...

You rock, Sam!!!