Friday, January 09, 2009

{My 1st Embroidery Project}

I started off with a towel. I put a pattern on each end. The
towels are really big. So, when it's folded and hanging on the
stove handle, you'll only be able to see one design at a time.

Here's my very first completed embroidery pattern. :)

I started off doing the stitches way wrong. The goal was to
make a straight line, I just didn't totally understand how to
do that. I started like this, which looks a little strange.

Then, I figured out the correct way, which looks so much
better. It was actually a lot faster, too.

I've already started on the second pattern and hope to have
the whole towel done soon. Maybe even by Sunday night.

I'm totally addicted to my fun, new hobby and was actually
a little disappointed I didn't have time for it today. However,
I'm thrilled to have organised the linen closet and the space
under our bathroom sinks. I'm off to meet up with David at
our fav new dinner spot, Efes Turkish Cuisine. Bon weekend!


Lindsay Teague Moreno | 5ive Photo said...

it looks like you know 2 different embroidery stitches now! Good for you!!! :) Very cute Sam!


Patty said...

I think your towel looks great!

JENNY @ said...

Go Sam!! They look great!!!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Yay for your awesome craftiness! These look great!

carlene federer said...

totally cute Sam, I love it!!! I like to embroider while I watch football with my husband...I don't need to see every single second of the game, but I can watch enough to know what's going on...I've gotten a lot of projects done this season, lol!

Lis said...

wow! you did that by hand? Youre AMAZING! Is there ANYTHING YOU CANT DO? Nope, didnt think so.

Sue Thomas said...

I love this! I used to do something similar with my grandmother so seeing your towel totally took me back to that wonderful memory! Thanks, Sam!!!!!

Unknown said...

These are so cute!