Monday, November 03, 2008

{Kid Costumes}

I get to brag.
I'm an aunt.
That's what we do.

Here are some Halloween costumes from kiddos
close to our hearts, spanning the Midwest.

In Ohio...
Aaron (my brother) and Pamela's kids. From left to right:
Catherine, Lauren, Meghan, and Aidan

Snow fairy Catherine & Devilish Lauren

In Michigan...
My dear friend Jennifer's son -- Jack.

His Grandma Anne (Jen's mom) made this Cracker
Jack costume. She is so talented!

And from Illinois...
Brian (David's brother) and Tracy's kids.

Morgan was a little chicken!

Alex was a dinosaur.

Also, if you have a second, click here to see Kim Kwan's
gorgeous girls and their amazing costumes. They look great!
And that's a Halloween wrap. Until next year...


Sue Thomas said...

What a fun collection of costumes!!!!!

Anonymous said...

CUTE kids!!! i love all the costumes - so fun. :)

carlene federer said...

aww, how cute are your neices & nephews! Very fun to have little kids to dress year we can enjoy the Moreno babies costumes!
Speaking of, Lindsay was SO cute as Juno!!! And you looked super cute with your "European scarf & fluffy hair"...that girl is such a riot! lol!