Sunday, November 02, 2008

{Weekend Update}

Another good weekend here in Chandler, Arizona...

Halloween! I went to Lindsay and Michael's house.
We sat in their driveway and chatted while the kids
passed by. I got to meet their neighbors across the
street. (Their little boy was so darling he made me
want to run home and immediately begin trying to make
a baby of my own. Alas!) We passed out candy and oooed
and ahhed over all the cute costumes. Michael made us
pasta and apple pie. It was lovely.

Me in my standard holiday attire -- $5 T-shirt from Target.
I accented it with this lovely scarf Linds brought back for
me from her Europe trip with Michael.

Miss Lindsay was much more festive. Here she
is as Juno. What else? I love it!

David, my marathoner-in-training, ran 14 miles!!
His longest run so far. That's a half marathon without
the race setting, and then some. I was so impressed.

He went to the chiropractor afterwards for a quick
adjustment. Then, he came home with these...

So thoughtful of him! I love surprises for no reason.
(And I love clearance holiday decorations.)

We ate, relaxed, watched some DVR...
I also started a new scrapbooking project with old photos
D gathered from him mom for me last time he was home. I
sorted through them, cleaned up the edges and did my first
page. And then went to the Suns Game! (Thank you PCI.)

Photo from

David golfed in his league. Two man best ball this time.
I took the dogs to the grass patch, went for a walk and
studied. We met up with the Hendricks at a new place for
lunch -- Pita Souvlaki. (Mediterranean is my favorite.)
Then, the rest of the afternoon and evening was dedicated
to rest and hanging out together. David had to work on a
bid. So, I moved my crafting out there and got several
more pages of the book for his mom finished up.

After a good nights sleep, we'll be ready for another week...


Sue Thomas said...

You and Lindsay look adorable in these photos! Lindsay as Juno totally cracked me up!!!

e said...

looks like a great weekend! i love those pumpkin lights.