Saturday, November 22, 2008

{5 Signs it's Gonna be a Good Weekend}

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.
Saturday is a close second.

David's long weekend runs and a big breakfast
go hand in hand. Fortunately, he doesn't make
me run 15 miles in order to eat with him. :)

I actually snapped these when we went to breakfast several
weeks ago but just got them up today. David ran 18 miles
this morning though!! His longest run yet, and that was
without a running partner of any kind. He is getting an
adjustment right now, and then we're going to go somewhere
to eat so he can replenish.


Trisha said...

UGH!!! I want that breakfast SOOOOOO bad!! Breakfast is my favorite!! There is a Good Egg right here by our house too and we never go. YUM!!

carlene federer said...

whoa, that's a loooong way to run! Is he training for Changs? I was going to try to run Half of the 1/2 marathon...but do to some set backs, I don't even know if I'll walk the 1/2 now...a couple weeks out of training, and it's like you never started to begin with...SO frustrating!
Good on your hubby tho, great accomplishment!