Friday, November 21, 2008

{Hangin' With My Homies}

I can't imagine not having animals now. They're just
such amazing little partners. David and I both had a
busy week. So, they were eager for extra attention
today. Works for me!

My snuggle bug, Norah.

Killian has been so playful lately.

Oliver did not love that I interrupted his nap.

Play time.

They're so good together.

This one would be so lost without her brother.

Fortunately, he's not going anywhere. :)

I'm leaving in a few to pick David up from the airport.
Time for the weekend!


Trisha said...

How cute are THEY!! I can't imagine not having animals...especially dogs. I want like 6 of them!

t dawg said...

your photos really bring your babies to life. they are AWESOME!!

Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

Love your babies!

carlene federer said...

your animals are so gorgeous...can't imagine life without 'em!

Sue Thomas said...

Thanks for the pet photo fix!!!! Your babies always make me smile!!!