Sunday, May 25, 2008

{You Only Live Once}

There are perks to being a college student in your 30's.
I decided to embrace one of them . . .

I went out with two lovelies, Lindsay and Kim Kwan,
to celebrate Lindsay's 28th on Friday night.
We had a great time with her.
Kim and I did something fun
in the name of youth and liberty
to do as we please to our bodies.

I love it!

Pictures of the night (and the guy
who did our piercings) to follow!


Kim Kwan said...

You are beautiful, Sam...inside & out! It was SO MUCH FUN doing this with you...can't imagine anyone else I'd rather poke a hole in my nose with! ;-)

Julie Hoopes said...

Looks great!! I still love mine after all these years and get compliments on it all the time!! Glad your having fun!

Trujen said...

I really like it! Honest!
It's not at all as dominate as I thought it would be. I guess what I'm trying to say is, the stud is a perfect size!
I remember a friend of ours had one in high school and his stud was so large it was gross. Since then I've alway pictured that massively large stud whenever someone would get their nose pierced.
Can't wait to see more!

e said...

this looks fantastic! my Mom had hers done years ago and I always have loved the tiny stud.

Jen said...

Love it! Did it hurt? It makes me want to go get mine redone sooo bad! I'm glad you are happy with it. Did baby momma get her tattoo?

Lindsay Teague said...

its freaking cute!!!! I love it! it totally fits you! You were so brave!!!!