Thursday, May 29, 2008

{Just Do It}

Time for a David update...
This is part one of two.

He is doing so great these days.
David has been running -- a lot!
(I'm super proud of him.)
He's hitting the pavement three days a week.
Two pre-work morning runs, about four miles each.
And a big weekend run, usually on Saturday morning.
He ran 10 miles last Saturday!
How awesome is that?
He's got his eyes set on a half marathon
and then a whole marathon after that!

You're doing great, baby!
And your calves, if I may say so, have never looked better. ;)
(Note: the sixth photo down -- That's HOT!)


e said...

whoa - nice calves!!! i love good calves on men!

he looks great and that's really awesome that he's going for the half marathon. good luck to him!!

Trujen said...

Gimme a D-A-V-I-D!!
Go D! It's your birthday!
:o) I like pic #5 (Nips!)

Kim Kwan said...

LOVE a man with great calves!
My man's got 'em too!

Good for you, D!!