Thursday, May 29, 2008


Just popped in to finish my D-update.
He's been a busy boy.

David's playing on a softball league with guys from work.
They have a double header each week. They are 3-3 for
the season so far.

It always seems like there is a project for him
to work on. He recently finished installing the
kitchen hardware. Small project with a big
impact, I think.

Of course, he takes every chance he gets to golf!
He placed fourth in a tournament on the 25th.
His golf league has been keeping him on the course
at least once a week, which is great. Tomorrow, he's
playing in Scottsdale with guys from the office.

Killing walks him to the door as he gets
ready to leave for a round on the 23rd.

He's also lost 16(+) pounds! He looks terrific,
and he seems to be smiling a lot more these days,
which makes me the happiest girl on the block.

Watching the dogs play in the pool
through the kitchen window

Enjoying a Sunday morning outside,
decked out in MSU gear his mom sent
last Christmas

Just playing with photoshop :)

Too cute

Too cute, in color

My happy guy


Trujen said...

Great pictures Sam!
Love the updates, I should do one on Scott. It's a great idea!
LOVE the "studio" shots!
Really like the last photo.
I don't think I've ever seen David smile like that.
It's great!
PhotoShop is fun, huh?!

Trujen said...

PS, I really like the hardware too!

Julie Hoopes said...

I love these two posts about David. I am SO glad that he's feelng happy! A happy husband makes for a happy wife in my book! I'm almost feeling motivated to start running again... almost. You have become such an exceptional photographer. I am so impressed with your pics, you have such an artistic eye.

P.S. thanks for you last comment. I had fun doing that post. :)