Saturday, May 24, 2008

{P is for Project, F is for Finally}

NOVEMBER 07: Found three framed pieces for the guest bath.

FEBRUARY: Bought new hardware to install.

MARCH: Old pictures and hardware removed.

APRIL: Put mud over the hole, applied touch up paint and
hung new pictures.

MAY: D installed the new hardware.

This is a small project gone on far too long. We could have
done the whole thing in an hour. Instead, it took us months!
I'm glad it's done now. Thought I'd share...

Guest bath BEFORE
The hardware color is a great match, but I didn't like the
style. It looked like a branch with little leaves on it. And
the posters, in non-matching frames, are over a decade old.
Time to retire them to the garage!

D installed the hardware last week...

Cabinet doors got a little love, too.

New wall hangings! I found these at the Chandler Artists
Guild sale down the street. They're color pencil drawings
done by Veronica Francis, a lovely woman.

Lindsay gave me these cute little cacti!
They look perfect in the window.

Threw a hook on the back of the door
and moved the hand towel bar closer to the sink.

View from the door.

So, it's not a major remodel by any means.
Just a touch up. I'm hoping to get inspired
to paint in there at some point, too.

Alright, time to take the dogs out to play ball!
Wishes to you for a happy Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

great job! i love seeing fun little house projects. we have too many to complete - there's always something, you know?!