Sunday, May 11, 2008

{For the Record}

Kicked out a few pages this weekend!
Kim Baldwin came over Saturday.
She worked on an album from her Costa Rica trip.
I made these...

Kind of a then and now idea here. I had so much fun with this one!
That's me in the top row of photos at six and a half years of age.
First, all packed up & ready to go on our summer family vaca
to NYC. (How hot was I?!) Second, mapping out our plan of
attack. Third, on the ferry going to see the Statue of Liberty.
That's it in the distance being renovated. And then roughly
two decades later, I was back with Our Lady Liberty again!

Jim, seriously the nicest man on earth.
A simple page. I wanted to keep it that way since I
was including several photos. (And after spending hours
and hours to do the above page, I challenged myself to
get this one done within a half hour!) I took these when we
were at D's parents in 2006. We think the world of Jim.

And then for something totally different...

Meet my Grandma and Grandpa Dusterhoft!
They are my maternal grandparents. This is them, of course,
on their wedding day. I've wanted to do something to document
them for a long time. I'm not done, but I thought this was an
awesome start. I'm currently collecting my thoughts and photos
to do a second page with stories and information about their lives
as I remember it.

These are my dad's parents. John and Catherine Byrne.
I never met my Grandpa Byrne. He passed away when my
mom was pregnant with me. I'm going to do a second page
for them, as well. I'm looking forward to including the family
history I discovered when we were in Ireland.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you mamas out there!

And we're sending a special e-hug out to D's mom and Mary.
We love you! Thanks for loving us.

That's it for today!

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Trujen said...

Samara, these are beautiful!
I'm really happy you created these and I'm looking forward to more.

You're maternal grandfather looks extremely young. How old are they, do you know?