Monday, May 12, 2008

{Color Me Crazy}

I've been tagged by
the one and only
Mrs. Lindsay Teague Moreno
to share six strange things
about myself right here in
black and white.
Ready. Set. Go.

1. I got my first birthday cake when I was 22.
I grew up as a Jehovah's Witness (which I'm far, far removed
from now). They don't believe in celebrating birthdays. So,
we didn't. I left the house and the religion when I was 17.
So, the first birthday I celebrated was my 18th. When my
22nd rolled around, David and I had been dating just less
than a year. His aunt and uncle were in town from Maryland.
So, we had dinner with them and his mom. They wouldn't let
me lift a finger since I was the birthday girl! We had oysters
and home made crab cakes, brought in fresh from MD. It was
awesome. After dinner, they dimmed the lights, and out came
this cake glowing with candles. I couldn't help but cry!
I loved it and will always, always remember my first
birthday cake. Thanks, D!

2. I hum all the time. In my head. Outloud. Doesn't matter.
There is always a song knockin' around in the noggin. Half
the time I don't even notice I'm doing it. I edit this habit
when I'm around most people because I'm aware my humming is
never, ever carried in tune. David, however, gets me in my
full humming glory. He says I most often hum the National
Anthem. While I do love that song, I don't necessarily think
I hum it more than others. I'm an equal opportunity hummer.

3. Red meat tastes like iron to me. You couldn't pay me
enough to eat a fillet. A lovely meal to some, nasty to me.
If ground beef is really mixed in with a ton of other
ingredients and super flavored by them, I can eat it.
But that's only if it's about 20% of each bite. Even
then, it gives me a super upset belly. I love a good
veggie burger though, and D and I cook with Jenny 'O
Ground Turkey at home once a week or so. But I really
have to be in the mood for any meat - sometimes chicken
freaks me out. When I do make eye contact with chicken,
it needs to be in breast form. Anything with bones or
still looking like a carcass is no good! For whatever
reason, I don't usually take issue with pork. I prefer
pasta or a veggie plate over ribs anyday, but I will
work with pork sometimes. If nothing else, it gives
me an excuse to say it in french and that always
makes David giggle.

4. I can't dive. Never learned as a kid. Then, last
summer, when D and I were swimming in the backyard,
I told him I didn't know how. He tried to teach me
but all I could manage was a belly flop and the most
ungraceful frog leap imaginable. While it's not in the
cards for me, at least I could provide my husband with
the hardest laugh he'd had all year.

5. Driving isn't really my thing. I'm not always
successful at it! I've been in a lot of accidents -
about ten or so. (Which according to Michael Moreno
is a lot.) They've all been pretty minor - except the
first one when I totalled my parents car (age 17).
Only one of my accidents was someone else's fault.
The rest... All me. If we ever have so much money we
don't know what to do with it all, I would have a driver.
I wish public transit was better here. I'd love to sell my
car and take the bus. (Perhaps something to look for
when we move next.) I loved, loved, loved that about
Ireland. I didn't miss having a car one bit! Driving
generally stresses me out -- and it's done as much to
many of my passengers, too.

6. When I was a little girl, I had a "baby" that I dressed,
read to, took everywhere with me. Not so abnormal.
Except that it was a tube of caulking. I had dolls. Lots of
them, I think. For awhile there, apparently I didn't want
anything to do with any of them because my baby was
something I likely pulled out of that drawer in my parents
kitchen with all the tools in it. Here's the proof positive...

Hope you enjoyed this little bit-of-me!
I'm supposed to tag six friends, but I'm just going to
stick with the following --

Jennifer Truman
Jennifer Jones
Eryn Shaver
Bre Thompson.

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