Saturday, May 10, 2008

{LOST: A year and a half worth of photos}

Knock on wood.
They might not be lost officially,
but I'm losing hope.

I mentioned there's something seriously
wrong with my external hard drive
(where all my pictures are).
Looks like I got a bum one.
But before I exchange it, I have to rescue
all my innocent little photos from annihilation.
That's been a challenge.
One that makes me want to cry!
So far, no tears.
Only because I haven't totally exhausted
my options. But I'm getting close,
it's freakin' me out!!

In January, I had to learn a big photo lesson.
(Reminder: I had a whole years worth saved
on my computer. Ran out of space. Didn't realise it.
The computer started eating photos at random.)
It was horrible!

I thought I solved the problem. The external
hard drive we bought is supposed to hold like
35,000 pictures. Apparently, the one I bought
has malfunctioned. Now I can't get into it.
This is so frustrating.

I got some advice that I now really wish I
would have followed -
Kim Kwan suggested I
~ put them on the external hard drive
~ save them to a CD
~ and put the CD in a fire proof box
I thought it was a good idea, but I was lazily content
with my new external hard drive and just wanted
to get back to things as normal. Now I see I
shoulda listened! If I would have followed her
advice, I could have already exchanged that
hard drive and happily moved on with the
knowledge that all my photos were good to go.

I really want to be able to go in order here.
So, the next posts should go as follows:
{Brown eyed girl + Family}
{Audra in the Park}
{D's 34th}
{Camping in Sedona with the Morenos}
and then everything else.

But it looks like there's been a wrench
thrown and wedged into that plan.
Adversity is opportunity in disguise, right?
So, I'm going to get creative with the posting
for a bit while I wage operation photo rescue!
Wish me luck!!

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