Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Trumans Come to Arizona!

We had a great time during the Truman's visit!
It was filled with a few firsts:
**Jen's 1st time coming to where I live since we left Michigan.
**The 1st time I got to meet Jack.
**The 1st time I got to witness, first hand, what an amazing mom she is.
**Jen and Jack's 1st trip together.
**Jack's 1st time on an airplane.
**The 1st time Jen's taken a trip without Scott since they've been married.

Just being together was nice.
We spend a lot of time on the phone,
but it's not the same as being face-to-face.
We did tons of talking, sharing, laughing, and hanging out.
We also took a TON of pictures, which was all-kinds-of-fun.
Of course, we did some shopping and scrapbooking, too!

It was fun to be able to show them my corner of the world.
But the best part was getting to know Jack and
seeing the two of them together.

Jen is an amazing mom.
And Jack's perfect.
In every way.
He was such a champ --
He adapted quickly to the dogs and loved playing with Norah.
It didn't hurt that he liked to feed them whatever he was

His whole environment changed, and he rolled with it.
He is such a happy kiddo -- full of smiles and peaceful expressions.
Even though he doesn't say too much yet, he communicates.
His sounds all have a meaning, which Jen was always there to
translate. Hanging out with him was awesome.

Without further adue -- some fotos!
(The ones we have left after my computer turned
on itself and destroyed the majority of them.)

Our Walk on Arizona State's Campus

We saw these two guys dancing in the entry of the old gym
as we were heading back to the car that afternoon. They
were bad ass dancers. I couldn't believe it! So, I stopped
to ask if I could take a couple pictures. . .

All Dressed Up!

Jen wanted to take us out for my birthday.
So, we got all cute and went to D Vine for dinner!
Jack was an angel and dinner was delish!
We didn't get any group pics, but I snapped this
one of Jack and his hot mom before we headed out.

The computer started to destroy the one below,
but I actually kinda liked the effect . . .

At the Playground

We took a walk down to a play area in the neighborhood.
Sadly, we lost a lot of amazing pictures from this outing,
but it was still a lot of fun, and we managed to save a
few decent ones. Most importantly, I think Jack enjoyed
playing and running off some steam!


Enchillada Night!

I thought it was funny that we invited someone to the
southwest, and SHE cooked US some of the best homemade
Mexican food we've ever had.

This was a good cooking lesson for me. She taught me
some great tricks! Her enchilladas and her mom's
Spanish rice are TO DIE FOR! This was a really fun night.

Road Trip to SEDONA!

It was the last full day of their trip.
So, we decided we had to get her out of Phoenix
and into the wide open west!
We hopped on the highway and headed out of town
to the red rock of Sedona.
On the way, she got to see the sites.
Big cactus. Curves. Hills. All the changes in
landscape that trip provides.
Wide open spaces!
(We listened to the Dixie Chicks to get in the mood.)

It was fun to share and see Sedona again.
When we finally turned the corner
and could see huge red mountains off in the distance,
she gasped! I was glad we went.
It was just as beautiful as ever.
It had been quite some time since I'd been there
myself anyway. Our little adventure there was the
perfect way to wrap up her visit and my winter break!

Jack was pooped by the end of the day.
Tired from the whole week, I'm sure.
We laughed when he passed out in the backseat
with his hand in the Goldfish bag!
He was ready to get home by the end of the week.
Ready to see his dad,
sleep in his own bed,
and have his mom all to himself.

The week the Trumans were here was a special one.
We missed Scott but also enjoyed having Sam and Jen time.
I am so appreciative they were able to make the trip out!

I'll never forget it!


Trujen said...

Awe, I love this!
So nice and detailed with all my favorite pics!
Would it bother you if I either copied this and paste it on my blog or I can just refer my readers to your site! That might be the way to go.
Anyways, thank you for being amazing hosts! Jack and I really enjoyed ourselves. And yes, Sam and Jen time was so needed and nice to have finally had!
Love you!

Lindsay Teague said...

you know, for losing so many of your pics you sure did get some good ones! I love the playground pics! So cute.

Looks like you guys had so much fun!