Monday, February 04, 2008

Photo Shoot with Jack and Jen

I'm not sure who was having more fun here.

- Jack loved playing outside with his mom.
Even at 15 months, he totally knows he's the

apple of her eye.

- Jen was thrilled to get outside with Jack since
their Michigan winter hasn't allowed for much of that.

She was also happy to have pictures taken of the two
of them together, since she's usually behind the camera.

- It was a treat for me to hear them giggle and
capture the moment. I love taking unposed photographs
of people, snapping as they go about their business.
So, it was awesome for me, too.

With the sun tucked behind the clouds,
we were able to get some good ones . . .

I love how genuine Jennifer is.
Her play time with Jack is reflective of that.
Easy, breazy.
It was an awesome trip to the park!

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