Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have interrupted your regularly scheduled blog post to bring you a new banner!

This is not a test, I repeat, this is not a test.

Hi to everyone in Sam's world, it's Lindsay!

Enjoy the new header!

While I'm here, I thought I'd take the time to write about all the things I love about Sam (or Sammy Davis Junior, as I have been calling her recently...I'm pretty sure she loves it when I call her that)! 30 things for 30 years.
  1. Sam never skips a detail in her stories (even when she's telling you the abbreviated version).
  2. Her hair is always perfect and it even looks good when she gets head sweat.
  3. She has freckles.
  4. She love her dogs as if they were actual children. She speaks to them as if they understand what she is saying and I think they speak back to her in dog language.
  5. Sam is and always will be the champion for those that need anything. If the world needs saving, Sam is there to take up the cause.
  6. She may be ASU's best student ever. I do mean this literally. If you knew how often "I have to study" comes out of her mouth...hell, you probably do!
  7. She can't drive. Add to this the fact that she likes to talk on the phone when she's doing so and you've got a winning combination.
  8. When she loves something (I mean loves from the deepest part of her belly) you can read it all over her face.
  9. Sometimes (okay, a lot of times) people tell us we look alike and I think that might be the best compliment EVER!
  10. When she hikes, she runs up the rocks and hills like a little kid.
  11. I can pretty much lay it on the line with Sam...I think she knows all my secrets.
  12. She doesn't judge.
  13. She'll play devils advocate if you're about to make a hasty decision.
  14. She has hot legs!
  15. "They look like I kicked walls as a kid" is how she describes her feet.
  16. Even when we cry, we laugh together.
  17. I've heard more than 3 people describe Sam as "the nicest person they've ever met".
  18. Sam doesn't know much about computers, but she sure is learning!
  19. She'll call to tell you if there is something she heard or saw that you would enjoy.
  20. When you're with her, you feel like the most smart, funny and special person, at that moment, in the world! THAT is something that very few people can do for others.
  21. She can make friends with anyone, in any situation. She can't help it! She has to talk to them!
  22. She dogsits my dog when we're away and then tells me she's been perfect even though she eats dog beds and poops in the house.
  23. She reads books that are way over my head.
  24. She'll half her piece of gum for you when she only has one left
  25. She loves comfy socks and sheets.
  26. She wants to travel to the middle east (this one may not be a reason that I love her because I'm pretty sure people die in the middle east, but the point is that she's got grand plans for her life).
  27. I want to go on vacation with her...as long as it's not to the middle east. That one's not exactly on the Lindsay's Life To-Do List, but you know, Africa would be cool, or Italy.
  28. She's really good at being honest, even when it's hard.
  29. She writes emails at ungodly hours in the morning and they make my day when I read them.
  30. When Sam calls, my husband knows exactly who I'm talking to just by the way I answer the phone. Sometimes he makes fun, but I don't care, because I love her and I'm always excited to talk to her on the phone!
1 extra: Sometimes Sam calls me "boss" and it reminds me of how we first met a few years ago in that scrapbook store. I almost always smile when I hear it!



Kim Kwan said...

Great blog-jack!
Ummm...about #17? I'm one of those people...she (you!) are just 100% NICE, Sam. I don't think you could be mean or evil, even if you WANTED to! :-)

Lindsay Teague said...

yep, she is one of the more than 3!

Trujen said...

This is the BEST post I've ever read!
I agree with ALL of these plus I have some add ons.

Adding to #7: She also puts on her make-up in the car! (Bad, bad, bad!) But still I love her!

You can always bitch about your husband to her and she won't start hating him like most girl friends do. Sam understands that husbands can be poopy but still lovable.

I call Samara my "Samshine". She's the sunshine in a human body. Makes you feel good with all her positive energy.

Thanks for doing this Lindsay! Super fun!

Lindsay Teague said...

I'm so with you Jen! I forgot about the makeup...bad bad bad!

Samshine is the perfect nickname, but I didn't want to steal it from you!

Trujen said...

Well, the paperwork for the patent on the nickname hasn't come through yet but because you and Sam are so close, I'll extend the usage of "Samshine" to you. :o) But if you hear anyone else call her that then it's your duty to report them to headquarters!

A side note -Sam might have mentioned me wanting to call and pick your brain. How's next week?

Lindsay Teague said...

totally fine with me! Call away...did she give you my number?