Sunday, February 10, 2008

{Scan This!}

I just love when a plan comes together.
D got me a copier/printer/scanner/fax for Christmas.
(Such a nice Santa's helper!)
The scanner screen is 8.5 x 11.
But my scrapbook pages are 12 x 12.
Yesterday, Lindsay showed me how to scan them
in four pieces and thread them together!
It's really easy - the machine does all the work.
Yay, technology!
(And D and Linds).

Enjoy the show . . .

Made this a few weeks ago at Lindsays. I was short on
inspirtion and was having trouble getting started. So, when
I found a layout by Erin Clarkson in this design, I decided
to scrap lift it. I just put my own color combination down
and wah-lah. Had to document our first house!

Did this little tribute to Mr. Shadow's 14 years a bit ago.
These are photos I took in 2006 while at Dad and Mary's.

I made this at Lindsay's too (with all her stuff). I thought
these pictures of David and Kills were fun. Killian just
climbed up there, as if there was space! He's such a special

Aaron, Pam and the kids at their Notre Dame
graduation. I love this family photo!

Jen and I had a scrapbook day when she was here. (So fun!)
This is one of the pages I knocked out. Art took this picture of
D and me when we were at the cottage in 2005. I always

love the picutres people take of us when we don't know they're
there. Very cool.

The Links -- at our apartment in Ahwatukee, just after
moving to Phoenix (the first time). We were really attached

to the view of South Mountain from that apartment. It was
spactacular! Lots of good memories.

Another special picture -- this one is of Aidan and Catherine
from Christmas 2003. I wanted to create a special place for it.
So, I weaved together dark and light purple one inch strips

of paper to make a background. Super happy with how it

turned out!

Did a double layout of our trip to Sedona with Jim and
mom from 2005. I've been meaning to scrapbook this for a

long time, but there were so many pictures I wanted to
include, and I wasn't sure how to do it. I like how this one

turned out! There's a closer view of the two pages below...

Another double page -- this one is in my Bay Box album.
So, I did a 12 x 12 layout on one side and six 4 x 6 pictures
in an album sheet on the other.

The journaling says: Remember when we got that yellow
Mercedes convertible through the paper in Dallas? We
decided it was far too fabulous to waste on a weekend
around home. So, on the spur of the moment, we packed
our bags and drove down to Galveston for the weekend.
You couldn't help but smile as you sped down the highway
(breaking 100, if memory serves). I laughed with the
wind in my happy to be in your passenger seat.
Spontaneous moments make for magical memories.

The pictures of the car and the beach taken that weekend.
We had a really good time there. One of those moments
I'm glad we thought to capture on camera!

And last but not least, I got a few pictures into the album
that Jim's emailed recently. He takes the best pictures.
I haven't gotten to meet Logan yet, but she sure is a darling
little one! I have enjoyed getting to know her through
Eryn'sblog and Jim's photos.

p.s. I got a few other photos into my album -- Jen and
Matt's wedding, pictures of Lindsay and me, and one
from camping in Prescott, Arizona -- but I'm showed
all those pictures on precious posts. So, I didn't share
them here.

Until next time . . .

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