Friday, February 15, 2008

{Five Ws and an H = Fabulous!}

WHO: Lindsay, Bre and me (and a quick appearance from

WHAT: Photoshoot filled with buckets of learning
about lighting, shooting fully manual, custom
white balancing, perspective, and camera-weilding
fun! Hanging with these girls was great. I was glad
to get to know Bre better. We've hung out a couple times
and she is about as nice as a person can get. Smart,
funny, creative, sweet. And of course, any day I spend

with Lindsay is an awesome one. They TOTALLY recharged
me! (And I SO needed that.)

WHERE: Lindsay's garage (in her sold-as-of-today-
townhouse). Gilbert, Arizona.

WHY: Linds got a smokin' deal on a bunch of new
lighting equipment -- backdrop, lights, the works!
She needed to figure out how to set it all up and
use it. So, she invited Bre and me over to help
her out and pose. It took all three of us to figure out
how to get everything set up. Then, Lindsay shot us
and we shot her. It was fun having a girly, creative-
packed, totally-inspiring-day!

WHEN: For seven hours on Saturday, February 2nd

HOW: We each brought a bit of know how to the table.
We also referenced the camera manual for a few things -
which I never, ever read. So, that was good. We did a lot
of trial and error. Watching Lindsay work taught me LOADS
-- how she stands, holds the camera, poses. All those things
combined made for an awesome hands-on learning experience.
Almost a thousand clicks later -- this is what we got.

p.s. There were so many photos that editing all of them

would have taken forever. So, even though several of them
could stand a little love, I only brightened up mine!
The files you will see here are condensed file sizes because
they're the ones Linds emailed on Pixasso Photo. I'll wait
and do any editing on the large format photos when I get
them on a disk from Lindsay since those are the ones
I'll print. Anyway, here you go...

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Trujen said...

How fun! Pics look great!
Wish I could have been there! I need that mini training session.
Congrats to Linds for getting all the cool equipment! Especially if she got a deal!