Monday, February 18, 2008

{New Creations}

Very happy with this page! I love the colors and the way
it feels. David took this picture of me in '05 -- it's a bit out
of focus, but I think that lends to why I like it so much.

Journaling says:
… Finally! It’s unfortunate, but my reality was that I didn’t
love myself for a long time. With a smile on the outside, I
carried around a heavy cloud of hurt, anger, sadness, pain,
shame, and self doubt on the inside. It took a decade on my
own to put that behind me. I eventually learned I was, in fact,
loveable and good. I’ve had many wonderful people in my life
that have propelled me forward. David most especially. Two
and half years of soul searching therapy didn’t hurt either!
Today, I’m happy to be me. When I smile, I feel it throughout
my whole being.

A fun page of D and Norah with pictures
taken on a Saturday morning in December of '07.
Cute, huh?!

Another one I was really happy with as it came together.
I scraplifted the layout from the idea calendar Lindsay gave
me -- although, the subject matter is 100% original.

The journaling reads:
i don't really belive in a god,
but i believe there is a powerful force out there.
i feel it when i'm in the vast, natural beauty of the earth.
my spiritual connection can be found there.
standing in big, open spaces and witnessing nature at work
makes me small and part of something big, all at the same time.
mother earth brings me peace and clarity -
gives me breath when i can't catch mine.
she is my religion. i believe in her strength and essence.

And finally, I came up with a plan for these pictures taken in
Farmington Hills at dad and Mary's in '06. I totally used
this layout by Lindsay for design inspiration!

That's it for today...
Take care!

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Trujen said...

Samara, those are beautiful!
I really love how the "Comfortable/skin" page turned out. I almost cried reading it.
I'm glad you can share these with us.
Wish I could share mine.