Saturday, November 03, 2007

Jack, Growing Like a Beanstalk

Chances are, if you know me, you've at least heard of Jennifer
Truman. She's my girl.

You probably also know she had a little boy, Jack, a year ago.
It hate to think she has a one year old baby who I've never met.
(Damn the distance between us!) The last time I was in Michigan
was just over a year ago, believe it or not. That's been my longest

stretch without going home since we originally moved in 2000.
She had Jack a week after I left.

Jen has been fabulous at keeping me posted on the first year
of his life and what motherhood has been like for her. So, I do
feel more connected then you'd think. I am beyond thankful
she has been willing to do that -- daily and weekly emails,
phone chats, pictures, her blog, and letters. I love that girl so
much, and even though I have not met Jack, I know he is
amazing because he comes from two incredible parents.
Can't argue with those odds!

Jack has sprung up like a weed in the last year. Here's a

look in roughly chronological order...

So tiny and brand new

First Halloween -- Captain Jack Sparrow

Getting bigger!

Talking to Grandma Annie

Just had a set of shots but still so happy

Showing off his strong neck and back muscles

Taking swimming lessons with dad

Self portrait with mommy

And another one. Look at that smile!


Going places

Faux hawk. This must have been during
American Idol.

Seaside with mom

Mother's Day Portrait

I believe I can stand...

Best friends

Quiet moment

Just happy to be

Seriously, he's so cute! I saw this picture and immediately
wanted to buy him presents.

Could his eyes be any more blue and perfect? His mom
used this one on his one year birthday party invitation.

Here he is celebrating the big 1.
Look at that expression. Priceless.

Good stuff!!

Hopefully he doesn't grow too much more before I get to see
him! He and his mommy should be swinging into Arizona for
a visit soon. I can't wait!!

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TruJen Phtography said...

OMG!!! If I hadn't called to vent earlier, this would have made me cry. Good cry of course!

Ok, one word: Sanjiya! I don't know if I spelled it correctly but the mohawk comment was hilarious! I love that picture!

Thank you for a special post. Very close to my heart, like you!
Jack can't wait to meet Auntie Samara and Uncle D!! January can't get here soon enough.
Love you very much!
:o) Jen