Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hot of the Press

I got an internship for next semester, but that's not the only
resume-padding I have in the works! First, the internship...
I feel fortunate to have gotten one as there were more students
than there were openings. I'll be working with

This team does not do breaking daily local news, which I'm
very excited about because it's just not an area of interest
for me. Rather they do the stories that take a little longer
to investigate. Kind of an exposé sort of format with a focus
on local issues. (Click
here to see their latest stories.)
I'll be there 15 hours a week from January 14th through
April 30th. Super excited.

In the process of getting registered for spring '08 classes,

I met with my advisor, Carol Shulte. She is a goddess and
an angel wrapped into one. I see her for just a few minutes
a few times a year, but she never fails to be excited, engaged,
encouraging, calming, motivating, and inspiring. I can't even
specifically explain what it is she does that leaves me with
that feeling; I just know that when I step out of her office,
I have a huge, confident smile on my face and a clear
direction with which to plow forward. She's the best!

So, I asked how many more political science classes I would

need to add poli sci as a minor when we met on Monday. I
had no idea if I was in the ball park or not -- just knew I had
taken quite a few and might be close-ish. You know what
she said? One. Yep. That's right. Just one. Easy shmeazie!
So, I'll be doing that, for sure!

Most of the people I will be competing with for jobs will

have the same degree I'll have. A minor will be a little
something to show future perspective employers that I
tried to get the most out of this experience. Of all the
things to have a minor in for a journalist, I see poli sci or
a foreign language to be of the most benefit. (Unless I was
going to focus on an area like medicine, business or
engineering in my work.) So, I'm fired up about that!

Also, I had the privilege of attending a Q&A with Mr. Walter
Cronkite last week. It was a wonderful experience. Sadly, no
time for individual pictures and autographs, but it was
amazing to hear the stories and advice of a legend.


I'm working on an enormous Hawaii post for your viewing
pleasure -- should be up soon.

We hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday
weekend! Marya, we are thinking of you and hope you and the
other Peace Corps Volunteers have fun in Matagalpa.

D's mom, Sandy, is braving the weather in the midwest and
the crazy holiday air traffic to pay us a visit. She arrives
tomorrow just before 1 PM. We're both very excited to spend
some time with her. (Killian is going to jump out of his paws
with joy when she arrives.) It will be nice to have some family
time together and take pause to be thankful for all the little
wonders this life has to offer.

Peace, y'all.


Unknown said...

Congrats on the internship! That's exciting! I'm proud of you. :) Happy Thanksgiving too!

TruJen Phtography said...

Walter Cronkite! You didn't tell me. How exciting!!! :o)

I hope you, David and Sandy have a great Thanksgiving! Eat lots and don't think about any of it! Take pictures too!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the internship! Have a great Thanksgiving!