Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Please Step into My Time Machine

Have to do a bit of back tracking -- to Saturday, November 3rd.

Lindsay's best friend, Kelly, flew in that weekend from Colorado.
So, we packed in as much prewedding-celebration as possible.

Thing started off with a bridal brunch. Such a nice day! We
had it at Lindsay's mom's house, which was perfect.
Good food, good people, and lots of fabulous gifts to help
the bride and groom get started in their new life together.
Kim Kwan was nice enough to snap a few while I helped
with the gifts...

Kelly, hosting one of the games we played.

Present, presents, presents!

Lindsay and her mom

This is Crystal, Michael's older sister, with the cupcake
book she won as a prize during the first game. That's M's
grandma to the left, and his other sister Becky to the right.

The food table -- we had four kinds of quiche, cinnamon rolls,
fancy cookies, fruit salad, and poppy seed bread. Delicious.

Diane made a bouquet with all the ribbons from the gifts
for Linds to use at the rehearsal. She did such a good job!

Lindsay's mom, Diane. Isn't she darling?
Here she is with the prize she won during the second game.
We each had to write something Lindsay and Michael
could use in their vows, (and then Lindsay chose her
favorite). For example, Michael could say: Lindsay, I
will honor and cherish you, and by that I mean I will
make sure we always have a scrapbook room in any house
we ever live in. It was a fun game -- really sweet.

Reading the vows we wrote for them

That's me standing in the background.
This is the only photo I managed to sneak into.
Thought I better prove I was there!

Bre and Kim

See those little legs - at the right foot of the bed?
That's Lindsay's two week old nephew, James.
PRECIOUS! I totally had I-want-a-baby-cravings
after seeing him. Those new wisps of hair. Those
tiny toes. That little butt. His itty bitty lips. Agh -- so sweet!

Diane got my vote for best wrapped gift. Not that we had a
contest -- I was just judging all of them in my own mind. :)
She took stamps to white wrapping paper -- covering it with
Lindsay and Michael, xoxo, LOVE, kiss, hearts, etc.
She even mixed the paint herself to get the dark purple of
Lindsay's wedding colors. So clever. It's been fun to see how
excited she is for Lindsay.

We all left there and headed in our own directions to regroup
for round two of the festivities. Everyone met at my
house at 5PM for some fun, girly time. We had a sex toy
party (scandalous!) and lots of wine to set the mood.

Kim licking some tasty body stuff off her hand. She was
so funny at the sex toy party! That's Courtney looking on.

Me with the bachelorette at my house.

Kelly with the bachelorette at my house.

Sitting next to L's mom at the sex
toy party was priceless. Diane is
hilarious! She had us rolling...

Lindsay opening her sexy gifts.

Another one!

Lindsay and Michael's initials -- much needed for the
dedicated scrapbooker

Gotta have porn

Lindsay with Kelly and me, her matrons-of-honor!

Then it was off to the bars. A friend of ours, Steve Cooper,
was kind enough to give up his night to drive us so we could
drink and not think about anything else but having fun. What
an angel. Seriously.

We had SUCH a good time! Lindsay and I haven't ever really
gone out like that together -- when we do have a drink, which
isn't often at all, it's a glass of wine or something low key. Not
on the 3rd. No sir. The fact that we are both totally out of
practice when it comes to going to clubs did not slow us down
one iota.

We danced. Drank. Flirted with random boys. Danced and drank
some more. And we laughed a LOT. I mean, a LOT. It was such
fun, good, needed, silly, free, fabulous girl time.

Lindsay and Michael are just days away from saying their
I Dos. December 1st. Next weekend will be fun --
rehearsal and bowling on Friday, wedding on Saturday.
Should be good times!

Lindsay -- in the next week -- take lots of deep breaths,
have a cup of tea and find quiet moments. The work is done
-- now you can just focus on the big step you and Michael
are about to take! Happy week before your wedding, girl!

As for me...it won't be such a quiet week.
It all hit me Monday morning, after a totally indulgent and
relaxing long weekend, that I have a ton of stuff to do!
Exams, papers, homework, a speech, registration changes,
internships paperwork, our anniversary, getting ready for
the wedding this weekend, getting ready for Christmas...

I decided though to wait to jump on it until Tuesday morning
so we could enjoy moms last night here (Monday). She just
left this morning though. So, it's time to get seriously focused
-- at least from Tuesday to Thursday so I can help Lindsay
and Michael celebrate next weekend! After the wedding, I
might not resurface until after the 12th when this semester
is over. Whew!

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Trujen said...

Yea! I've been waiting for these pics! Thank you!

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. I too love the wrapping paper Linds's my made; so creative. :o)

Pic of you two is cute! Got a frame?!