Friday, November 02, 2007


A little update about some of the day to day around here...

David met his dad in Albuquerque last weekend for golf.
Good guy time. I thought it was so cool they were able to
do that. I spent the weekend with the dogs, went to a class
at the gym, studied, cleaned, and did all my running around
for the parties I'm co-hosting next weekend. (It was
wonderful me time.)

What parties, you ask? Saturday the 3rd is going to be a
off the hook! We're having a bridal shower brunch for
Lindsay in the morning. That night is her bachelorette
party. Can't wait! Here's a few shots from their
engagement pictures. I didn't take these, but I thought
they were so cute -- had to share. Are they not an
adorable couple?? So happy for these two.

While I'm partying it up with the girls this weekend, David is
going to Oregon to see the Moroneys and go to the Arizona
State v. Oregon game. ESPN Game Day will be there. So, the
boys plan to arrive super early to get a spot in front. If you
tune in, you'll probably see them! They're rooting for Oregon.
I'll be rooting for ASU! It's going to be a huge game!

David and I are taking a boot camp class at the gym!
Holy mother of god -- it's an amazing workout -- the kind
you love and hate at the same time. Totally kicks our ass
every Tuesday and Thursday night. It runs through December
7th, minus Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to lose a couple pounds
and improve my cardiovascular fitness. Jenn (a girl I've
recently started to get to know who is dating one of the
guys at David's office) took it last session and encouraged
me to take this one with her. I'm really glad she did.
No pictures of that!

Wednesday was Halloween! It was our first time in a house.
So, I finally got to pass out candy!! (First time ever.) I had a

good time, even though David basically refused to get into the
damn spirit. (Grrr.) It was fun to fuss over the kids and check
out their costumes. David had all the stuff for me to be a
construction worker. So, that was what I dressed up as...

My new look threw Killian off!

Total hat head here -- it gets hot under that
big 'ole thing!

Not much of a costume, I know. But it was fun and got
me into the spirit of things -- as did some of the fun
pumpkin patch pictures people shared with us in the
past weeks. (There's no such thing here -- I really miss

that about home.)

Alex Link (in yellow) with his cousins

Jack Truman

The semester is moving along nicely --
I got a 69/75 on my last speech (on the use of
Independent Contract Companies in Iraq and Afghanistan).
I currently have a perfect score in Media Research Methods!
Woo hoo! I'm really pleased with my French class. I'm
learning a lot and doing alright in the grade department
-- currently with an 89% but that doesn't count class
participation or dropping our lowest test grade. We've had
three chapter tests in there so far. I scored 78, 85 and 87
on those receptively. I hope to reach the 90s with my next
one! I got a B- in French last semester (so sad). So, if I can just
beat that, I'll be happy. Studying a foreign language is a lot of
work! French has more rules than Jehovah's Witnesses

do! (Marya, I'm so impressed with you and your mastery
of Spanish now that I have a little insight into what it takes

to achieve that.) This seems like a good time to say thanks to
everyone who always asks how school is going for me. I
appreciate your support and interest so much!

A lot of people in our life have had big things happening
lately. Things I'm sad not to have been able to be there for!
Jen and Matt have their wedding reception this weekend
in Michigan. (I hope you have fun, guys!!) Jen and Scott had
to take Jack in for a hernia operation this week. (It went
smoothly.) Julie went back to work after being on maternity
leave for the past three months. So, it's been a really tough
week for her. Ryan (D's cousin) recently got engaged! (We're
looking forward to going to Annapolis in June for the wedding.)
There have been a ton of birthdays lately -- Tracy, Alex(4),
Alexis(5), Meghan(4), Lauren(7), Catherine(6), Jack(1). And
I see Anita's birthday is today! To all of you, I wish we were
closer so I could be there to celebrate with you or to offer more
support for the tough times. That's the hard part of being so far
away from everyone! Please just know that we love you all, and
we are thinking of each of you!

Other than that -- we're getting really excited about Hawaii.
(Bless PCI.) We leave on the 7th!!


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TruJen Phtography said...

You're so sweet to include your friends' goodtimes and happenings.

I LOVE L's pictures! The first one especially!
Congrats to Jenn and her man. I hope the weather is good for them. Besides being cold I think the sun will be out.
Hope D has fun too! I'll tell Scott to look out for them.
But most of all, I'm so proud of you and of all the classes your taking! You're doing so good and should be proud of yourself! It's not easy.

Love you so much! You're the greatest friend a girl could ever have!!!!!!!