Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring is in the Air

The weather here has been lovely.
Sunny with highs in the 80's and 90's.
It's gotten up to 99 degrees so far,
which is above average for this time
of year -- it made for such a nice spring
break! I'm working on my tan already.
David's parents, who are here visiting,
have been as well.

In fact, the two of them got us some
reclining chairs for the backyard with
cute, little side tables just for that purpose.
It was so nice of them to do that. They're
really comfortable and it's great to have a
place to sit out by the pool.

You're all welcome to swing by for the
weekend and get a little sun thanks to
Jim and Sandy!

Speaking of the pool and being outside...
we took our first family dip this weekend.
Killian and I did a trial run on Friday afternoon
and then all three of us went in Sunday evening.
Surprisingly, we had to prod and then finally
push Killian in. He's not 100% sure about
it yet.

Thought you Michiganders might like to see
some signs of birth and growth after the cold
and snowy spell you've had lately...

Our pygmy palms blossomed almost overnight.

Things that were without leaves are suddenly turning
green again.

Our HOA plants these bushes. They're in the strip between
the road and sidewalk in front of each house. They're really
pretty now that they're in bloom. What's amazing to me is
they require almost no water.

It's fun to discover green in unexpected places, like here in
the middle of two hillsides. Kind of cool that life can thrive
even in an environment like this -- dry and rocky.

These bushes got front bite in our backyard this winter...

David pulled the right one out. (We're going to replace it with
an orange tree!) And he pruned down the key lime tree
to the left.

It came back to life in a matter of a week! We were so excited.
I'll have to learn how to make key lime pie! I figure in another
week or two, it'll fill out even more and we'll be able to trim
it up and get it lookin' good.

Spring wouldn't be spring without spring cleaning. And boy,
did we ever! I love my mother-in-law; Can't say it enough.
She helped me conquer the garage, which had been a looming
and unfinished project since we moved in.

It only took the two of us working for three hours and 45
minutes to finish it. On her vacation, no less! What a saint.

Here it is post-move in February. (We moved in at the end of
November. So, you can see progress with this area has been
slow.) Since this picture was taken, David put up shelves, and
I had a load of things picked up by Salvation Army.

This is what it looks like now! So much better.
(Eryn and Jeramie, we have the Killian's sign you sent us
on the wall to the left. I just love it - thanks for thinking of
us.) Once my big, strong husband hangs a few things like
the bike and the fire extinguisher, we'll be good to go.
Thanks, Sandy, for all your help! She's a master organiser.

And finally, a few current shots of my partner in crime...
Love this boy SO MUCH!

Laundry day

Play ball!

OK. Now, what's next, mom?

We don't call him Licky Lickerton for nothing.

He's always watching us.

My boys playing in bed.


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