Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Baby Shower and David's Swing

We had our first party at the new house
two weekends ago. A baby shower for
Trisha Jacobson. Her husband, Jesse,
works with David. They're expecting in
a couple months and we thought
it would we fun to get together and help
them celebrate. Betty, Kim and I co-hosted
it. While we played shower games, opened
gifts, ate and drank -- the boys played golf
at the course across the street from us.
They joined us afterwards for a little bit;
The whole day was a lot of fun.

Trisha, the mom-to-be, opening gifts.

From the left: Trisha's mom Linda who came in
from out of town, Kim and Betty. (You might
recognize them from Napa.)

Amy (left) who works with Trisha and Gina who,
incidentally, is getting married in two weeks.
Congratulations to her and Eric!

It wouldn't be a baby shower if you didn't
play a couple of games.


Betty and Justin's baby, Aidan

And Aidan's twin sister, Madeline

These two lit up the room! They were so fun to
play with! Here they are conked out for a nap.
Little blurry but too cute.

I really enjoyed hanging out with them.
Such little loves.

Amy left by the time we got around to a group picture,
but we got one with most everyone.

Our jolly gentlemen joined up with us after golf.
From the left: David, followed by Jesse (the dad-to-be),
Justin and Eric. All these guys work for PCI.

Another shot of them having way too much fun in the

And finally, my gorgeous husband.

Speaking of David...
Here he is knockin' 'em around in early February.
Art took these pictures on one of their golf outings,
and I've been meaning to post them since.
No time like the present, right?

That's it for today...
I hope you're all well and happy!


Jennifer said...

Thanks for checking mine of these days I'll get more pictures but I don't have a digital camera-I still like the 35mm. Have a good week and as always, great pics!

Trujen said...

Looks like the shower was a hit!
I love Aiden's bib, "Babe Magnet".
Also, cute shirt!