Tuesday, March 20, 2007

All Aboard!

Went on a little road trip while Jim and Sandy were here.
Our trail took us into Prescott, through Jerome and
then to Sedona. All of which are towns in Arizona within
two or three hours from us. Didn't take a ton of pictures.
My camera battery died before too long, but I didn't really
care - too busy enjoying being somewhere
new and hanging out with everyone.

David actually took a majority of the photos below.
Then, I touched them up a bit. Thought we made a
pretty good team.

Enjoy the view.
We sure did.

And now for a little look see at my traveling companions...
Jim, mom, David (twice) and me - in that order.
(The one of Sandy was taken just after David walked her a
little too close for her comfort to the edge of a hillside.)

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