Monday, November 13, 2006


Yep. That's funny every time.

So, a couple weekends ago we went to Tucson to
see the University of Arizona play Oregon State.
It was such a fun day. The 'Beaver Pride' reference
is because of Oregon State -- they're the Beavers.

Mark, who is with PCI, arranged it. He's an OSU Alum,
as are Kim and Nathan Moroney who we know through
David's work out at Intel -- they work for Hoffman
Construction, who is the GC for the project. So, Mark got
us all tickets. We dressed up in our orange and black,
packed the car with treats including adult beverages,
and wah-la! Instant tailgate.

Kim and Nathan Moroney with their little girl, Audra,
who was SUCH a trooper on game day. Also pictured
is Moroney Baby #2, who will be officially joining their
family in the spring.

I actually met Kim and Nathan for the very
first time at an OSU Bowl Game. And I'm glad
I did -- they're awesome.

D and me at the tailgate

David and Audra playing soccer

Our group...The two guys to the right are Mark
(in the grey t-shirt and khaki shorts) and Brian
Moroney who is Nathan's brother (in the
red hat).

And no college football game would be complete
without the shotgunning of canned beer...

The game started at 4pm, and OSU won! So, that was cool.
Awesome weather - Great game - Good food - Fun people.
Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

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