Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Catching Up

I've been blog-busy getting caught up on all the
fun things we did while D's parents were here,
that I haven't talked about what's been happening
in our lives. So, I thought I would do some
updating. Blog house keeping, if you will.

A few weeks back, I said to stay tuned for a
'big announcement'. I anticipated telling you our
plans just a few days later, but as it turned out
things have changed eight time since then.
What's life if it doesn't include a bit of chaos
from time to time, right? I suppose all the days
that've passed since I said I had an announcement
have taken the wind right out of those sails. I just
didn't have enough solid information to share,
but I know a few things for sure today. Here's
where they stand...

What I was going to announce is that we were
heading home. The plan was for me to leave
ahead of David, by August 10th, so I could get
the car and Killian, drive to Arizona and start
school by the 21st. I was all registered for
classes and was so excited about getting back
to ASU and my life. Now, I have to put a
disclaimer on that...

We really would have been happy to stay if
there was more work. We do like it here and
feel so fortunate to have had this experience.
But considering the work is slow and we know
that means we'll be leaving soon, I couldn't help
but start to figure out my next steps.

I think we're both anxious to get back to Arizona
where we will be busy and feel more productive.
I personally didn't see any sense wasting a whole
semester if we would be home the beginning of
October. (Honestly, there's a part of me still doesn't!)

But then we didn't really get confirmation on
when David would actually be following me home.
Even though work here has slowed way down,
they agreed there was a little more opportunity
and wanted to stick around and see everything
through. I didn't disagree with that idea, but
doing so meant no firm end date from which to
make our plans. It's just hard to put my decisions
on hold because I don't know everyone else's plan.
Sometimes being in limbo is part of being an adult
and being married. I have to remind myself that
it's not all about me -- and that's a good thing to
have to remember.

Anyway, I was only interested in leaving if he
would be home in the six or eight weeks that
followed. Up until the 2nd of this month, I
thought it still might happen! But we talked it
out and decided it would be a logistical
nightmare considering we don't have a place
to live in Arizona. That would mean I would
have to find a pet friendly hotel at first,
followed by a temporary apartment (since
we'll be buying a house soon) and then
somehow manage to unload and unpack
all our stuff which is currently filling
every single square inch of a storage unit
in Phoenix. Not to mention that I'd have to do
all that in a week before school started. About
two weeks ago, we finally decided for sure that
it was just way too much. It took me awhile to
digest -- didn't go down so well, actually. I
understood the logic of it all, but I had gotten
my heart set on getting back to school.
So, nothing else seemed acceptable.

Now that I've had some time to get on
board with the plan, I am feeling much
better. I do agree that we committed to
coming to Ireland together and should
stay here together until we're finished.
It'll be so much easier and way more
fun to make the drive back to Arizona
as a family. And then, when we do get
home, we can shop for a house and
move properly. I think, if anything,
we owe a more stable move to Killian.
Besides, in the grand scheme of life,
holding off for one more semester is
really just a dot on the big picture.

We still don't know exactly when we're
leaving. But another thing is for sure,
and that is we'll be home sooner than
we originally thought when we agreed
to move to Ireland. We committed to
a minimum of a year here but thought
it might be more like two years. However,
Intel announced they are not going to
build another fab in Ireland at this time.
So, that means there are only a few
remaining projects for David to finish
up here, and then we head back to
Arizona. The nice thing about his job in
the states is that when one customer gets
slow or finishes everything they're
working on, he can bid other jobs and
work on other prospects. Here, his only
consideration is Intel. So, when that's done,
we leave. I'll keep you posted on our departure
dates as we learn them!


Two weeks after Art and Mary left, we went
home to Michigan for Grandpa Link's
funeral service. Of course, it was sad, but
it was such a nice event. All five of his kids
spoke and did an amazing job. They touched
on what seemed to me to be every important
part of Grandpa Link. It was a really beautiful
summary on a life well-lived and filled with love,
generosity and purpose. Two of his granddaughters
did a reading, which grandpa actually picked
out himself. There was a soloist from their
church that sang a couple of times. And the
Moons put together a slide show that was
absolutely wonderful. I'm really appreciative
we were able to be there.

Our trip home in general was a short one,
but some time is always better than no time.
Most importantly, we got to see grandma.
It was also really nice to see David's aunts,
uncles and cousins on the Link side. We don't
get to do that nearly enough! I think the last time
we saw all of them was almost three years ago
at our wedding. That's terrible, but certainly
not their fault. After the service, Richard, Eileen,
Dan, Nancy and their girls came over to Art
and Mary's. Brian, Tracy and little Alex were
there too, of course. It meant a lot to me to have
that time to get caught up with everyone. We're
all off in our own corner of the world, doing our
individual thing, and it's good to get everyone
together all at once and just be a family. I
really enjoyed that part of our trip. It was
certainly a highlight for me.

After we all finished visiting and everyone
left, we went down to the Farmington Founders
Festival that was going on in town. It was the
seven of us -- dad, Mary, Brian, Tracy, Alex, D,
and me. We ate some fair-food, people watched,
and Alex went on a few kiddy rides. It was a
super nice time.

After spending the weekend in Farmington,
we headed to Mason for two days with Jim
and Sandy. We also got to see Killian, which
was a huge bonus! He has gotten so big and
strong. I can't believe my little puppy is 87
pounds! Last visit he remembered me as soon
as he smelled me. This time, it took him a bit
longer. David got the complete blame for that!!
But he came around and by Monday morning,
I felt like he knew exactly who I was.

He and David had fun running around in the
backyard -- they have so much property there.
David loves the quiet and spending time with
all the animals. Then, we had a little dinner party on
Monday evening. The Pachecos and Trumans came
over. It was good to hang out with everyone, and
the food was fantastic. Mom brought fresh crab
back from Maryland on Sunday. So, David made
crab balls for all of us. D-licious!!

I rounded up most of my scrapbook stuff, which
has been in mom and Jim's basement since
February. I filled up an old suitcase of mom's
and checked that sucker right onto the plane.
Now, all is right with the world again! I've had
such a nice time breaking back into it -- Right now,
I'm working on a combination guestbook-scrapbook for
Eryn and Jeramie who are getting married on
September 2nd in Michigan. I spent just about every
afternoon last week on that very task, and it's
coming along nicely.

Ireland is missing out by not having any scrapbook
stores here. Or maybe I should say, I am missing
out since Ireland doesn't have any scrapbook stores
here. Either way, I'm so happy to have my things
and be working on some pages! My friend Lindsay
sent me a package of super cute, coordinating stuff
several months back. Now that I have basics like a
cutter and adhesive, I can use them!

Speaking of documenting things --
I've to share this. I've been asking David to teach me
how to drive a stick shift off and on since we got here.
I'm plenty happy taking the bus, and don't necessarily
want to brave the roads here with their tight lanes,
roundabouts, hills, and curves. But I do want to learn
to drive a manual, and since we have one, now is a
good time.

We went to the mall to see a movie last weekend,
and as we were heading out D surprised me by pulling
into this empty side parking lot. I got so excited!!!!!!!
He only lasted fifteen minutes in the passenger seat,
but I felt like I did a pretty good job. He was a very
patient teacher, bless his heart. I've had three other
people try to teach me in the past and it just didn't
take! It's not my thing, but after my first lesson in
the Peugot, I have a new belief that I might be able
to get the hang of it after all.

Yesterday, I put on the closest thing I have resembling
golfing attire and the two of us went golfing when D got
off work. There's a par three in Lucan -- It's close by,
very informal and at only 10 euros a round, it's the
perfect price for someone like me who doesn't really

I looked forward to our outing all day though, and it
really was a good craic! I even hit a few good shots...
My tee shot off the 2nd hole being one of my best
shots ever! The weather here was lovely Tuesday --
but the sky changed altogether shortly before we
headed out. We got rained on from the 2nd to the
5th hole, but it was light and we didn't seem to mind.
It started coming down harder on the 6th hole,
and by the time we reached the 7th, we were drenched
and the rain was almost coming in sideways. So, we
laughed our way back to the car. We'll definitely go
back on a nicer evening and play again.

In Entertainment News...
We went to see Miami Vice last weekend.
David and I like a good action film and we're relatively
easy to please in that department. Like David said though,
this "had all the elements of a good action movie...
how can you fuck that up?" Well, Michael Mann did.
And Colin Farrell was horrible! He didn't look good -
He delivered his lines in the least convincing way
possible. And his accent changed about half a dozen
times! Half way through the film he did a scene with
a southern drawl. At other times he added a spanish
accent. I was so distracted by his evasive performance,
and he's capable of so much more, (i.e., S.W.A.T)
Jamie Foxx was alright, but I would save your money.
This one isn't even a renter!

On a happier note, a local channel here is airing the
Grey's Anatomy!!!!!
I began watching the series at the beginning of season
two when we were still in Arizona and promptly got hooked.
I'm happy to be filling in the gaps from season one.
(Last Sunday I finally got to see how Meredith learned
Derrick was married.) I only watched the second season up
until we moved to Ireland. So, I still have to get caught
up on that. I don't know if I'm more excited to be
watching an American sitcom that isn't rought with
episodes I've already seen or if I really like this show
that much. Either way, on Sunday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.,
I'm a happy kid while I watch back-to-back episodes!

If you're looking for some good entertainment, I have
three books that I think are excellent and must pass
along. I finished the first one back in May and thought
it was amazing. In my search for something equally as
satisfying, Marya recommended the second two, and
I loved them. (Thanks, Mar!)

I read a couple books with a lighter note in between.
First, The Devil Wears Prada, thanks to Jennifer
Truman. Has anyone seen the film? I can't help but think
it might not make a great movie or at least not
as good as the book, but I still want to see it.
I love Meryl Streep who was cast in the role of
Miranda Priestly. You just can't go wrong
with her.

And then, I also read and Me Talk Pretty One Day
by David Sedarith. He's a wonderful writer -- so funny!
Marya introduced me to him, as well. If you're up for a
fun read, check out the later for sure.

And with that, I am DONE! Have a good one!

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jonesy said...

Although there are so many responses to this post - i thought I would share a superficial one. Matt's Grandmother has an orginal Chagall hanging in her living room that Matt is set to inherit someday.
FYI - you are reading from the Oprah book club (kite runner, poisonwood, house of spirits) - if you like them the complete list is on her website - most of the fiction is from the same genre/writing style. Have a great day! And get back to where the sun shines soon as you can. I love you.