Thursday, August 10, 2006

Family Time in Farmington

I think the proceeding post is the longest one I've ever done without the
inclusion of a single photo! But it felt good to share with all of you.

I didn't pick my camera up much when we were home. In fact, I didn't
even take one picture of my little Killian. What a bad mama!! I did
capture a few, little moments one afternoon in Farmington at dad
and Mary's. Here they are now...

Alex and his "Grandma Mary"
getting ready to go for a walk

Brian and David with their dad

Tracy and David

Samara and Brian

Dad and Mary's house

Alex in grandma and grandpa's backyard

Alex and his daddy, Brian

David, Brian, Mary, and Alex in the stroller up ahead --
Taking a walk down Cadillac Drive, heading to the
Festival in Farmington

Tracy and dad

Dad in Farmington

Dad in Farmington again. I just think this is a really
nice picture of him! I have a simple version of Photoshop
that I've just started to try to understand. So far, I've only
figured out about 1/16 of it! Anyway, I liked this photo both
in RGB and BW. So, I decided to post each of them.

Alex and his mommy, Tracy

Alex going piggyback with dad and then getting ready for a ride

Weeee! Brian took Alex down the slide at the
Farmington Founders Festival

Grandma Mary lights up like a Christmas
Tree when she sees Alex! Here are a few
photos of the two of them playing together.

And that's all folks!

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