Thursday, July 27, 2006

Portrush harbor

I really like Lucan and Dublin, but I love getting out of town on the
weekends! There are so many beautiful things to see here, especially
because of Ireland's gorgeous coasts. A change of scenery on the
weekend is so important to have once in awhile. We had a really
nice time the second weekend David's parents were here when we
headed north. This was my first venture this far north, and I
thought it was fabulous.

The guys golfed at Portstewart, but we stayed closer to Portrush.
The town there had a beautiful harbor and great places to eat.
This is the harbor on the first evening...
(David took all the pictures of the boats and the one with the
flag, too.)

I really like this picture. Nice shot, D!

I was so excited about this photo. It was one of
those things...right place, right time. I took about
five of them in a row. It's amazing how the sky and
light changes at sunset so quickly.

Me and David

Art and Mary

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