Wednesday, June 21, 2006

So We Loaded Up the Truck...

...And We Went to Farmington -
Hills that is; Swimmin' pools, Movie stars.

OK, more like, shopping, golf, a BBQ, and a few brief visits with Grandma
and Grandpa Link. I got to see Richard Link (David's uncle) at one of those visits,
which was a really nice treat. And it's always good to see Art and Mary. We
hadn't had a chance to visit with them since last September. They were out of
town when we come home in February before coming to Ireland. Plus, Art had
tried to come see us last winter, but David was in Albuquerque that whole time.
So, it never worked out. Needless to say, we were due for a visit! Here are a
few pics from our three and a half days there. Starting with David. I love this one...

David, finally completely relaxed...on the last two days of our trip! It's hard
to really unwind when you know you have to be in three
or four or five
places while you're home. We were able to see (almost) everyone though, and he
got to help his dad and Mary with a few things. Successful visit overall!

I just wish he could have been in town for a couple more days. I think after a
round or two of golf, it really occurred to him that he was on vacation. Maybe on
our next trip to see family, we should have all of you meet us in Dubai! Now,
there's an idea!

Now for more pictures...
David and his dad. Such handsome Link men.
Happy Father's Day, dad!

It was a little dark when I took these, and my camera doesn't do dark so well.
We'll have lots of photo opportunities when dad and Mary come visit us in
Ireland in just a few days. We are really looking forward to that. It'll be a good

Mary prepared dinner for a BBQ they had over the weekend. Very nice. She
makes such good potato salad and coleslaw. It was really nice to grill out -
It's been awhile since we had gotten to do something like that.

This is Shadow, Art and Mary's baby. David and his brother, Brian, got Shadow

as a gift for them when he was just a puppy. His old man distinction combines with
his adorable, playful spirit. We had a quick photo session outside one afternoon.

Now, if this isn't frame worthy, I don't know what is. So cute. I wanted to take

him home with us when we left.

This is a little garden person in Mary's back yard...She got it for her birthday

awhile back. I just thought she was cute...

...And finally one of many beautiful flowers in their backyard. David 'discovered'
a few of them with our macros lens - one of his favorite toys.

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