Thursday, June 22, 2006

Can You Say, "Rockstars"?

They ran through the finish, appropriately placed at the 50-yard line of Notre
Dame's Football Stadium, after running 13.1 miles to conclude their half marathon.
Aaron and Pam trained for this race during their last semester of grad school at
Notre Dame, making the moment when they completed the run all that much
more gratifying.

I'm still amazed with these two. They are both energizer bunnies. Here are a few
pictures from the morning...

When I saw this picture I laughed, imagining they were taking a glance to ensure
the other didn't have a bigger medal; Both such competitive spirits!

Aaron wanted to make sure his kids saw them finish the race to see the reward
after the work. Aidan and Catherine are going to participate in a kids triathlon
later this summer, complete with a bike, run and swim. Here are the kids on
race day...

Congratulations, Aaron and Pam! Well done!

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