Saturday, June 24, 2006

Alexander Davidson Link

I barely got to see little Alex when we were home; There's never enough time! Still,
I was happy to see him when I arrived in and departed from Chicago. He is talking
so much more now. In fact, in the three weeks between the first and second time I
saw him, he was expressing himself so much more clearly, his words more
audible to me. Kids are amazing...They grow so fast! Hearing the change in his
speaking during such a short period of time made me realise how much we miss
by not being closer to him. As much as we've loved moving around, it's moments
like that when I wish we all lived closer to each other.

He humored me as I followed him around with my camera for a few minutes...

He was in his element as he 'helped' his dad and the guys
who were working in their backyard laying sod.

Unfortunately these are blurry, but they were still too cute not
to include.

What a smile! Alex and his mom have a lot of fun hanging out. She is so good
with him, and it shows. He's a great kid. We're looking forward to seeing him

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